‘Bachelor In Paradise’ News: Josh Murray, Amanda Stanton Living Together

Tonight will be the second episode of Bachelor in Paradise, and it is time for the relationships to start forming. With Chad finally going home, it will leave room for everyone to start seeing the potential for lifelong partners. TMZ shared that Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray are one of the couples who end up together and doing great when the show is over. Josh actually proposes at the end of the show, and it looks like this couple is one that is going to last.

When you are on the show, you are not supposed to reveal to the world that you have found someone. They are supposed to stay quiet and not be seen together, but a few of the couples aren’t following the rules. Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton have been spotted out together more than once since the show ended. One time they were seen together was just a simple shopping trip to Target, but they weren’t shy about the fact that they were with each other.

Amanda Stanton is a single mother, and sources say that Josh and Amanda tried to stay behind closed doors, but her kids were getting restless. They decided to take them out to the Orange County Fair Thursday night and have a good time. Amanda and Josh made it pretty obvious that they were together, and of course, everyone noticed this couple. Pictures show Josh and Amanda together while the kids are sitting in a wagon by them. They had to know that everyone would notice them. Josh is a pretty popular guy from the show and has been around for a while.

Right now, Josh Murray is living with Amanda Stanton and her kids in the OC, but sources say that the plan is to move to Atlanta, where he is from. The source said they are planning to buy a house there together. Amanda has kids and their father is very involved, so the idea of her moving them across the country is pretty shocking. The custody battle on this one may keep Amanda and Josh from being able to do what they want to do. Josh and Amanda are engaged and have plans to tie the knot. There is no word on their wedding plans yet, but fans are hopeful that they will decide to let ABC televise their big day.

Grant Kemp and Lace Morris also find love on Bachelor in Paradise this season. They have not been shy about being seen in public either. You can’t imagine that ABC is thrilled with these couples being seen out, but it makes Reality Steve’s spoilers not nearly as important if everyone is spoiling the show on their own. The other couple that finds love is Carly Waddell and Evan Bass. So far, they haven’t been spotted out in public, but Carly did share a photo on Instagram that everyone knows is from Evan’s kitchen. They both already live in Nashville.


Gossip and Gab shared that this season will put Josh Murray and Nick Viall against each other again as they try to win the same girl. Josh and Nick were both on the season of The Bachelorette with Andi Dorfman. Josh was the one to win her that time, and it looks like Josh will win again. Amanda actually goes out with Nick Viall first. Things initially go great for them, but when Josh Murray shows up on the show, she only has eyes for him.

Are you shocked to hear that Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton are already living together? Do you think that these two will end up getting married? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise on Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison Getty Images]