‘The Night Of’ Canceled? Will HBO Renew For Season 2?

The Night Of was supposed to be a mini-series only running for the year. Now, it looks like instead of canceling the program, HBO will renew it for Season 2.

Caution: there are spoilers for the latest episode later on in the article.

The Night Of was based on BBC’s Criminal Justice. That show had a very similar premise as FX’s American Horror Story, where there was a different setting each season. While that has worked well for the horror program, Criminal Justice lasted just two seasons, and The Night Of was designed to only run for one.

The HBO program was supposed to be released a lot earlier than it was. James Gandolfini was signed on as character John Stone, as well as the executive producer. His untimely and unexpected death halted the filming and production, according to Romper. Now that it has finally made it to the cable network, it has done better than expected and may be renewed for another season. In fact, it looks like The Night Of will take the position of True Detective’s permanent replacement. That is if the showrunners want to keep it going.

The Night Of Season 2 probably won’t be a completely different setting, but more of a different storyline. With Season 1 being created as the start and end, the storyline will wrap up, and a new case will be needed. That doesn’t mean a whole new setting as John Stone could still be the main lawyer if it remains set in New York City.

The problem for HBO is the drama isn’t as successful as the network would like. In fact, the cable network hasn’t managed to do anything as successful as Game of Thrones, which it will need to do considering that show will come to an end in two years. It needs to push something like The Night Of.

So far, The Night Of storyline is progressing as Stone may have found Andrea’s real killer. While talking to witness Trevor, he found himself looking for a man named Duane Reade, who has a very shady past. Stone is suspicious, especially when he finds out that many of the crimes are in the same precinct as Andrea’s murder. Is it possible that he murdered Andrea and set Naz up for the fall?

The problem is Naz’s true colors may have come to light. During the latest episode, he beat a man so much that it put him in the ICU. What did Naz do? Well, Freddy says to him that he’s “sleeping like a baby.” Does that mean that he has no remorse and really was the one to kill Andrea? Will Stone find out that he has been defending the wrong man all this time?

Is it also possible that prison is turning Naz into a man that he doesn’t want to be? He feels so wronged by the world that he is becoming the man that he needs to be in order to survive.

Stone certainly isn’t surprised by revelations. Was he not as convinced as he made out? Could it be that he believes Naz isn’t the murderer but isn’t as innocent as he makes himself believe?

The Night Of is actually helping the audience understand more about Naz. It doesn’t mean that viewers will find out he is guilty all along, but that he isn’t the innocent guy that he initially pretended to be. There has to be a reason for him being blamed for the murder, and that will hopefully come up very soon.

The Night Of Season 1 continues on Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO. There may be a Season 2 coming despite the fact the show was originally intended to be mini-series.

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