‘Celebrity Big Brother 18’ News: Frankie Grande Infuriated After Stephen Bear Calls Him ‘Pussycat’ During Argument [Video]

In Sunday’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother 18, tensions mounted as Frankie Grande engaged in a heated confrontation with U.K. reality star Stephen Bear over wasting of food. The encounter escalated when Bear began to call Frankie a “Pussycat,” which thoroughly offended the American entertainer.

Bear’s antics over the past week or so have put many cast members on edge, especially after an incident in which he became angry and damaged a mirror and a Diary Room door.

On Friday evening, the houseguests were tasked with voting one player to be given the curse of eternal nominations, meaning each week that cast member would be perpetually up for eviction. Due to his behavior, a majority of the housemates voted for Bear to be given the nomination curse, which set Bear off even further.

After his fate was revealed, he vowed to behave even worse in an effort to make time in the Celebrity Big Brother 18 house an even greater nightmare for those who voted for him.

As depicted in the most recent episode, Bear decided to confiscate a number of food and drink items, which is constantly in short supply for the houseguests, and dump them into a bowl to make what he called a “cocktail,” which proved to be a disaster, according to Digital Spy.

Frankie was outraged when he got wind of the ingredients in Bear’s so-called cocktail, which was wholly inedible as it included a bag of coffee grounds, apple juice, a banana, and some cornflakes.

As Frankie sunned himself in the Celebrity Big Brother 18 yard, he asked Bear, who had walked outside with the unappetizing mixture to announce what he’d done, “Please tell me you didn’t use the fresh ground [coffee].”

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As Bear confidently made his way to the outdoor lounging area, he responded with, “Just a game.” Frankie continued to ask whether the fresh ground coffee was used, and Bear finally answered, “Maybe.”

Frankie, the older brother of pop star Ariana Grande, headed inside the Celebrity Big Brother 18 house and went to the kitchen to investigate for himself what Bear had used. He clearly lost his cool once he realized what Bear had done. Frankie stormed outside to confront Bear, saying, “All the [expletive] coffee in the house is gone… that’s cute.”

Frankie also informed Bear that although he is up for nominations each week and can’t do a thing about it, Bear’s friends in the house may be considered guilty by association and suffer due to his behavior. Frankie proclaimed, “You’re putting other people in this house in jeopardy.”

Bear responded in a mocking tone with, “You look angry. Don’t be angry pussycat.”

Frankie, who had begun to walk away, turned around and firmly stated, “I’m not angry… and don’t you [expletive] call me a pussycat.”

Being even more disrespectful, Bear said, “You’re my pussycat. You’re my cheeky little pussycat.” Frankie retorted with, “I’m you’re [expletive] worst nightmare now.”

As Bear continued to pester Frankie, saying he made the cocktail for everyone, Frankie pointed at the large bowl Bear had poured his concoction in and argued.

“That’s stupidity. There are people around this world that are starving. Do you understand that? Starving! You’re [expletive] wasting food to make a [expletive] point? Have you lost your mind?”

Bear calmly sat watching Frankie, repeating he’d made a “cocktail” and he’d “do it again.”

Frankie sat down on a towel in the yard and said, “Well good luck keeping people in this house that have your back.” He continued, noting there are very few people in the Celebrity Big Brother 18 house that truly want Bear to remain in the game.

That seemed to get under Bear’s skin, as he threatened, “You want to play games with me, boy, I’ll play them better.” Frankie was not concerned and shouted, “Good. No you won’t. You just [expletive] wasted food.”

Bear then stood, raised his arms in the air and in a condescending tone said to Frankie, “Someone’s angry… very angry. Very angry pussycat.”

Mob Wives star Renee Graziano had entered the backyard by this time and chastised Bear for calling Frankie a pussycat.

Frankie interjected by yelling, “Don’t you [expletive] call me a pussycat again,” and then asked Bear, “Are you calling me a pussycat because I’m gay?”

Bear seemed shocked by the comment, but did not confirm or deny why he was using the term with Frankie.

As reported by Metro, Renee defended Bear, saying he wasn’t using the term “pussycat” in “that way.”

Renee then scolded Bear, who admitted the whole interaction was to get a rise out of his fellow houseguests. Bear smugly stated he obtained the reaction he wanted and he enjoyed it.

Upon hearing this, Frankie just dropped to his towel in aggravation, as he seemed to realize trying to have any sort of discussion with Bear at this moment was futile.

Despite the Celebrity Big Brother 18 house drama, none of the American cast mates are up for eviction this week, leaving Bear, Lewis Bloor, Heavy D, and Saira Khan to face the public vote.

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