Kiran Chetry Still Waiting For Her Big Return To Television

Kiran Chetry signed off the anchor desk at CNN in 2011, saying that she had a “very special opportunity” elsewhere, but fans of the reporter have been disappointed to find that the opportunity apparently is not on television.

Since leaving CNN in July 2011, Kiran Chetry has only turned up at a few small guest hosting spots.

Chetry’s departure from CNN was not exactly amicable. In the year before her departure she had an on-screen argument with American Morning co-anchor John Roberts. As Mediaite reported, Roberts was preparing to interview David Axelrod when he turned to Chetry to chide her for some kind of off-screen distraction.

Roberts introduced Axelrod, a senior adviser to President Obama, and looked flustered.

“Let me ask you first of all,” he said, before pausing. “Let me ask you first of all, David, if I could, before we get into the …”

He then stopped and turned to Chetry, who was offscreen, and said:

“Would you mind not doing that while I’m talking? Thank you, I appreciate that.” Then, added for emphasis and sarcasm, “If you don’t mind.”

Her departure came at a time of changes for American Morning, with Roberts also leaving and a revolving door of anchors filling his place.

Chetry, also a former Fox News reporter, found her way back onto television in January of this year, reporting for E! News at a red carpet event. But to fans that hardly seemed the “special opportunity” she mentioned when leaving CNN.

In March Kiran Chetry showed up again, with an appearance on GBTV, Glenn Beck’s television news service. The job barely warranted a mention on Media Bistro in a story otherwise about Beck. Chetry’s spot on GBTV was just a guest hosting position, leaving fans who wanted to see her return to television disappointed.

It appears Kiran Chetry is still waiting for that “special opportunity.

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