Disney World To Build Stone Wall To Keep Visitors Away From Lake Where Toddler Was Killed By Alligator

After toddler Lane Graves was killed by an alligator at Disney World’s Grand Floridian Resort, the company has responded by building a large stone wall to keep visitors away from the lake. Following the death of the young boy, Disney World was heavily criticized for not having alligator warning signs, instead opting for simple “no swimming” signs. The company also received backlash for making an appealing sand beach so close to the potentially alligator-infested waters. Therefore, it seems Disney World is hoping to rectify the issue by placing warning signs along with building a barrier wall to prevent visitors from getting too close to the water.

The Daily Mail reports that after 2-year-old Lane Graves was killed by an alligator as he waded in water at Disney’s Grand Floridian resort, Disney World is taking precautions to ensure the safety of future guests. The Nebraksa toddler was killed while on a dream vacation with his family. The family had reportedly been watching a movie at the beach resort before allowing their son to wade in the water along the sandy Disney beach. As the child stood in the water, an alligator quickly rushed ashore and dragged the child into the water. The father says he attempted to free his son from the clutches of the gator but was unsuccessful.

Since the horrifying ordeal, the family decided not to file a lawsuit against Disney, but the company was still blasted by critics for a lack of signage relating to the alligators potentially in the water.

Though “no swimming” signs were posted in the area, many note that the inviting Disney beaches encourage visitors to get near the water and that the family may not have realized their son was in grave danger as he was simply wading in the water, not “swimming.” Following the death, Disney immediately put ropes up in the area with alligator warning signs that asked visitors to stay a safe distance from the water.

However, it doesn’t seem that Disney World officials are going to stop with ropes. It was recently revealed that workers in the area have been building a large rock wall around the lake that will keep visitors from getting so close to the water. The wall was also designated as a means to keep the “wildlife” from getting onto the beach. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the wide boulder walls have been under construction for approximately five weeks and were part of Disney World’s original response plan to the death of toddler Lane Graves.

“For the last five weeks, Disney workers have been constructing wide boulder walls along the Seven Seas Lagoon beach line, adding another barrier between guests and the lake. According to a Disney spokeswoman, the wall was part of the company’s original safety plans after Lane Graves was dragged away from his family earlier this summer.”

A Disney spokesperson speaking with the Orlando Sentinel said she is not positive if all of the walls are complete or if more will be built; however, it appears the area where the alligator attacked the toddler has been fully built.

Do you think Disney World has responded appropriately to the death of toddler Lane Graves? Do you think the wall will prevent future alligator deaths at the park?

[Image via Lane Thomas Foundation]