January 20, 2017
'Suicide Squad' Box Office Results Are In: Good Or Bad, It's An Undeniable Hit

Suicide Squad box office results just came in by way of Box Office Mojo, and DC haters are in for some disappointing news.

The film, which cost $175 million to make, has already grossed a profit of close to $100 million, with a worldwide tally just north of $267 million.

The $135 million domestic take set a new box office record for August.

Of course, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opened to a much higher worldwide tally (around $561 million), and ended up crash-landing to a $872 million finish in spite of billion-dollar expectations.

But after that film did so poorly with critics, it's tough to see the Suicide Squad box office results as anything other than a success, considering the extremely negative word-of-mouth focused on both films.

In the case of BvS, the Rotten Tomatoes critical aggregator found that after tallying around 200 professional critics' reviews, the first ever live-action meeting of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman in a feature film finished with just 27 percent.

The SS did even worse than that, hitting 26 percent ahead of its high-profile premiere.

Given that bit of information, it's likely Suicide Squad box office tallies drop significantly next week.

In fact, Entertainment Weekly's Joey Nolfi confirms as much when breaking down the CinemaScore of B+. While B+ seems okay on the surface, it is worth noting that CinemaScores are notoriously forgiving -- BvS got a B -- and that when studying the demographic, fans left the theater feeling less enthusiastic than they were going in.

Still, this is clearly a film that has found the balance between fan service and budget to deliver a big win for DC and Warner, who had to be sweating the results over these last few months.

After all, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in one movie was a huge deal and it delivered disappointing, though predictably profitable, results.

Suicide Squad box office excelled in spite of the fact that many of the characters are more familiar to comic book audiences than they are to general moviegoers.


The only problem with the Suicide Squad box office tally as a whole is that the film will be a fast burn, and if it sees a 70 percent drop -- as Jason Bourne did, for example -- then it will underperform BvS.

If that happens, the narrative surrounding DC's Extended Movie Universe will be much different next weekend than it is this weekend.

BvS did more than half its overall take in the first weekend, and languished in theaters for just seven more weeks before Warner had to pull the plug.

Considering that this film reached more than 4,100 theaters, its final tally should have been high. But as with its predecessor, Week 2 will be the big story for the films to come.

If this turns out to be a film for DC die-hards only, as BvS was, then that will be the second film in which general audiences pretty much agreed with critics.

As a result, you will likely see a much lower take for Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Aquaman's upcoming solo features.

So, ultimately, DC is winning the short game, but it could end up losing the long game if it doesn't get its scores up with critics and general moviegoers.

But what do you think, readers? Is the Suicide Squad box office cause for celebration or is it too early to tell? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via DC, Warner]