April 16, 2017
Eva Longoria Offended By Trump On So Many Levels, Strolls With Nudists, Covers Up On Set

Eva Longoria is one of the many celebrities who have declared their complete support for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. According to Self, Eva Longoria's support for Clinton is personal, as she has felt insulted by Donald Trump's comments on immigration and other topics.

Taking to the stage at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Eva Longoria shared how various comments made by Donald Trump insulted her on many levels: as someone hailing from Mexican-American heritage, as a woman, and even as a human being.

Eva Longoria spoke on the election and Donald Trump, saying that the election is very personal to her, just as it is to many other Americans. She then told an interesting anecdote about her heritage, saying that she hails from a small town in South Texas, and reminding people that Texas was originally considered part of Mexico.

"My family never crossed a border, the border crossed us."
As a ninth-generation American, she feels highly insulted and affronted when Trump refers to Mexicans as "criminals and rapists."
"My father is not a criminal or rapist. In fact, he's a United States veteran."
It's not only Trump's comments on Mexicans that has offended Eva Longoria, but his comments on a variety of other segments of society, too. In particular, the Low Riders actress found it highly offensive when Trump mocked a reporter with a disability, as the topic is an extremely personal one to Longoria, who has a special needs sister, Lisa.

It was also Trump's comments on working women that were particularly affronting to Eva Longoria, as she felt he was referring not only to herself but to her mother who played an important role in educating special needs children while also raising four children of her own, one of whom also has special needs.

"When he said that a wife who works is a very dangerous thing, he not only insulted me, he insulted my mother who worked as a special education teacher for 30 years, raised four children while being a wife."
Longoria closed her speech by giving her full support to Hillary Clinton, saying that the presidential candidate has spent her entire life fighting for all Americans. She also said that Clinton is the most qualified presidential candidate she has ever seen, before introducing the next speaker, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker.

Eva Longoria concluded her speech by mentioning the poignancy of the moment.

"I want you to take a look at your convention, Philadelphia. A Latino from South Texas is introducing the first black senator from New Jersey on the week we'll nominate our first female candidate for president of the United States. So guess what, Donald? It turns out America is pretty great already."
Watch the full speech here.
In other news, Eva Longoria recently took an awkward stroll through a nudist beach in Ibiza, according to News Australia.

During her trip to Ibiza to host the Global Gift Gala, Eva Longoria was spotted strolling along a beach with her husband, Jose Baston. She was spotted looking fabulous in a turquoise bikini as she relaxed on the beach with her husband, but the image turned somewhat bizarre when the couple came across some nudists enjoying the same stretch of beach. The Arthur Christmas actress and her husband left their clothes on and became sharply contrasted from the nudists walking beside them. The couple didn't seem to mind, though, and even enjoyed a romantic makeout session in the water shortly after.


Eva Longoria is known for looking glamorous in all her roles, but a recent on-set photo showed her trading in her glamorous look for an outfit more comfortable and dressed down. According to the Daily Mail, Eva Longoria was spotted in Wales looking decidedly dressed down while filming the TV adaptation of Decline and Fall.

Perhaps she was not used to the cold British weather, as the photo of Longoria showed her wearing a headscarf while dressed in a gown with a thick jacket on top. As Longoria relaxed between takes, she made sure that her costume stayed nice and neat by covering her hair with a blue cloth. Eva Longoria's relaxed look was complimented by a white robe with a thick black padded jacket laid over it, as well as a pair of furry boots. When the cameras started rolling, Eva Longoria simply shed her outer layers and was ready to get back into character.

[Photo by AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File]