August 7, 2016
Fleet Of 'Intelligently-Controlled' Orange Orb UFOs Spotted Over Jacksonville, Florida [Video]

A witness in Jacksonville, Florida, reports sighting and filming at least five orange orb UFOs that flew very low in the sky. They flew silently and appeared to be intelligently controlled, said the witness. He insisted the orbs were not Chinese lanterns because they flew at about 5o mph and some hovered stationary in the air for several minutes.

According to the witness, in a report filed as Case 77814 in the reporting database of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), he was driving home from work on the night of April 23, 2016, along Monument Boulevard in Jacksonville when, at about 10:30 p.m., he noticed orange-colored orb-shaped objects flying low in the sky in a "bow-like formation."

At first he thought the aerial objects were helicopters. But he soon noticed they had no blinking red and white aviation lights and that they made no sounds, even though they were flying very low in the sky, much lower than helicopters normally fly, Open Minds TV reports.

"At first I thought they were helicopters, but there were no blinking red and white lights, and no sound at all considering that they were flying lower than a helicopter," the witness wrote in his report submitted to MUFON.

"I saw a perfect bow-like formation concave from my point of view of five-plus objects."
Based on the speed of his car moving in the same direction as the orbs, he estimated they were flying at a speed of about 50 mph. After he passed them he turned at an intersection for a better view.

But he was able to view only two that remained stationary in the night sky.

"The orbs were flying below the speed of 50 mph because I passed them shortly after..."
He was unable to film the orbs from his position so he continued driving south. As he drove along, he noticed two other orbs. He observed them flying slowly northwest before disappearing. Two more orb UFOs appeared after the first two disappeared. He also observed the two briefly before they disappeared.

"I traveled south noticing two more orbs and then after those disappeared flying ever slowly northwest, two more showed up, but this time they seemed to vanish in front of me at approximately a mile away," he reported.

It was uncertain from the witness's account whether the other orbs were part of the original "bow-like" formation of orbs or whether they were new objects.

The witness was struck by the fact that the orbs flew silently. They produced no audible sounds although they were flying very low. He insisted that his hearing was good and that he was aware of the sounds in his environment throughout the sighting and that the orbs produced no sounds as they flew in the air.

"I heard three distinctive voices across from neighbors – a woman was one of them," he reported. "The night was quiet and 80 percent clear – just a couple of clouds."

To confirm his report that the orbs made no sounds, he recorded another video of an open space in the same area on the same night, focusing on audible sounds in the area. He was able to hear clearly the sounds of airplanes and helicopters flying in the airspace over the area, yet he could not recall hearing sounds as he watched the orbs overhead.

"I recorded video, same night of an open area from a park nearby as a comparison," he told MUFON. "Also recorded trajectory during the day, and several airplanes and helicopters, and no matter how far, the sound was audible."

Jacksonville, Florida
Downtown Jacksonville, Florida [Image via Shutterstock]MUFON reported that its representatives in Florida investigated the case, but they were unable to identify the flying orbs or determine their nature.

However, the investigating team ruled out the possibility that they were Chinese lanterns.

"The objects were moving north and north by northwest, the same as the direction of the wind," wrote Florida MUFON State Section Director Thomas Branham in a report summarizing the conclusions of his investigating team.

Branham's report appeared to support the witness' estimation of the speed of the objects at about 50 mph, while wind speed at the time was about 5.8 mph.

The investigators concluded, based on the estimate of the speed of the objects, that it was unlikely they were Chinese lanterns. He also noted that two of the objects were stationary and did not have flickering lights and thus were unlikely to be Chinese lanterns.

"[The objects were] described as glowing," Branham continued. "The witness states that he was traveling 50 mph and the objects were moving about the same speed. The wind speed was 5.8 mph on that evening."

"From the videos provided, the objects seem to be constant and not that of a Chinese lantern," the report continued. "Also the witness states that two of the objects were stationary. They did not flicker."

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