Marilyn Manson: ‘Salem’ Stint For Season 3 Teased With New Trailer

Marilyn Manson’s Salem star turn in the WGN America original drama’s upcoming season was previewed with an exclusive teaser trailer late last week. Season 3 of the hit show Salem will premiere during Halloween week this fall with guest star Manson in tow as a corrupt coiffeur. Watch the trailer below as Mr. Marilyn takes on the role of evil barber Thomas Dinley, a 17th-century pseudo-surgeon with some diabolical tricks up his sleeve.

In an exclusive at Entertainment Weekly, the Marilyn Manson Salem role is being touted by its creators, TV producers Adam Simon and Brannon Braga, as a combination of Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd, and Vidal Sassoon. Braga told EW that Manson “brought the character to life” with his “inherent, exquisite weirdness.” Though the Salem part wasn’t specifically created for Marilyn, the producers extolled Manson’s unique performance.

The new season of Salem will begin on Wednesday, November 2. For his part, Marilyn Manson seems to be enjoying his acting foray on the Salem series. While the shock rocker Marilyn is currently on tour with his band promoting their latest album, last year’s The Pale Emperor, Manson posted a photo on Instagram of himself donning the Salem barber garb on Saturday. In the pic, Manson wears a leather apron in his guise as Dinley.

Marilyn enlightened EW with some further details of his heinous hair cutter’s villainous vices on the show. In the sickening teaser trailer, we see Manson’s character Dinley address Isaac Walton (portrayed by Iddo Goldberg) with a grotesque adage, “most us die as we are born — in agony,” before consuming a leech from a nearby corpse. Marilyn Manson indicated that this is only the beginning of his character’s mischievous movement.

“My character ends up being something that could be called the devil’s advocate or the devil’s best friend.”

Cut, cut cut...

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Marilyn Manson’s Salem stretch promises some unnerving television entertainment this fall. The series’ third season will consist of 10 episodes which were all filmed on location in Grand Cane and Shreveport, Louisiana, earlier this year. Mr. Marilyn was already intimately familiar with the series, as he composed the program’s theme music for its 2014 first season debut. The tune, “Cupid Carries a Gun,” is also featured on The Pale Emperor.

At the time, Marilyn spoke to the Hollywood Reporter of the song’s origins. Criticizing most modern media for their naive portrayal of occult and witchcraft topics, Manson praised Salem‘s fresh take on the subject and offered an inside look at his thought process when creating “Cupid Carries a Gun” with co-writer Tyler Bates.

“I liked the themes of Salem. It looks at the witch trials without being cliche like most modern films.”

Marilyn Manson with bassist Twiggy Ramirez at the 2016 APMAs ceremony.
Bassist Twiggy Ramirez (L) and Marilyn Manson at the 2016 APMAs [Photo by Amy Harris/AP Images]

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Marilyn was recently awarded the Icon Award at the 2016 Alternative Press Music Awards. In an interview with AltPress following the ceremony, Marilyn unexpectedly revealed the title of his forthcoming tenth studio album, SAY10. While recounting the time he threatened the editor of SPIN magazine for unfavorable coverage, he stated that the record is expected to be released on Valentine’s Day of next year.

In addition to Marilyn’s acting and awards news, Manson’s seemingly drunk concert tour continues throughout the U.S. this summer. After Marilyn uttered some reportedly racist words for the crowd at a recent Pennsylvania gig, many questioned if Manson was drunk at the event. Now, as the NME reports, Manson fell off the stage at a show last week in Bristow, Virginia, further cementing the image of a drunk Marilyn in the minds of many fans.

Is Manson drunk while performing at these recent concerts? Watch the video of Marilyn’s performance below and see for yourself. Let us know what you think of Marilyn Manson’s recent escapades in the comments section.–5oXNSg8

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