August 7, 2016
Soulja Boy And Nia Riley Feud Ahead Of 'Love And Hip Hop Hollywood' Premiere

If you needed a sign that there is going to be drama on Season 3 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Soulja Boy and Nia Riley gives us a teaser on Instagram.

The couple were at odds last season as Nia accused Soulja of infidelity. They manage to go on and off with their relationship and Instagram suggest that they off right now.

The "Crank That" rapper left profanity laced insults under one of Nia's pictures. He requests that she takes off a pair of shoes that he bought her, then he proceeds to call his possible ex-lover many explicit terms.

The Shade Room captures Love and Hip Hop Hollywood fans reacting to his outburst. Several fans left comments calling the rapper corny for his behavior.

A post by Nia Riley suggest that she is over Soulja Boy and is in another relationship, which may have sent the rapper into a jealous rage. Despite his alleged cheating, the rapper clearly doesn't want to see his ex with another man.

She posted a picture captioned "When your ni**a lying to you but you're already halfway into another relationship so you just let him keep lying."

Soulja Boy replied with by calling Nia a stupid b***h.

The rapper made headlines earlier this year when he claimed his made a deal worth $400 million. The deal was with a company called World Poker Fund Holdings. Despite the shady figure, the media ran with it and seemed to legitimize his claim.

However, there is much more to the story. In a deal with promoting the company Soulja Boy received 1.5 million shares. World Poker Fund is a small company and one share at the time was worth $1.70, which puts Soulja's holdings around $2.5 million, which is far from $400 million.

The Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star released his fourth album independently last year. The 26-year old rapper occasionally releases hard hitting tracks that keep fans entertained and he still makes appearances and performs shows.

The rapper has spoken about his relationship with Nia, which started eight years ago. Soulja states that the relationship was always off and on, which suggest that they may still get back together.

In the last season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, he was in a love triangle with cast member Nas. He was caught having an affair and things went left for a while. We will find out next week if they are still a couple in Season 3.

Soulja Boy is a serial entrepreneur and in an in-depth interview with Complex, they highlighted many of his business ventures, which includes an animated series, movies, his own label and websites. He is often credited with starting a different direction in Hip Hop when he blew up with "Crank That." The publication writes as follows.

"These days, Soulja's extramusical hustles are plentiful still. He is currently the purveyor of light-up shoes called SBeezy Lights, runs a line of hookah pens, and owns a stake in the well-known streetwear brand BLVD Supply. On top of that, he is a subject of VH1's Love and Hip-Hop, though he says he's looking to parlay his renown as a highlight of the show's ensemble cast into getting his own series. He's also working on new music with SODMG, always doing shows, still producing beats for other artists, and still hunting out new talent and new sounds—he recently worked with ascendant Atlanta upstart Lil Yachty to release 'Snapchat.'"
Soulja boy is expected to release new albums this year independently, which boosts the profit margin.

Are you looking forward to his appearance in Love and Hip Hop Hollywood?

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[Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images]