Chris Brown’s Baby Mama Defends Singer’s Parenting Skills Amid Drug-Related Lawsuits: Is Their Feud Over?

Chris Brown’s baby mother, Nia Guzman, has opened up about the relationship she shares with the singer as the duo continue to try and work out the right way to co-parent their 2-year-old daughter, Royalty.

Guzman took part in an intimate interview with Latina magazine, discussing all things regarding her daughter and how the adorable little girl has been coping with her dad being away from his daughter as he continues his touring duties.

According to Nia, Royalty is handling the temporary absence of Chris the best way she can, but that doesn’t mean that the twosome don’t talk on the phone and FaceTime one another. Quite the opposite, as Nia stresses that Chris and Royalty are always communicating, making it clear to her that the singer is fully committed to being the best parent he can possibly be.

Royalty & Chris Brown’s Relationship: Nia Guzman Says It’s Intimate…

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“Especially when he’s on the road. She always wants to call him. She’s pretty attached to him. I think it’s a very intimate and beautiful relationship that they have,” Nia tells the magazine when discussing Chris Brown and his relationship with Royalty when he’s finding it hard to make time for his daughter.

Hollywood Life adds that Nia gives the impression she and Chris are in a much better place from last year when she infamously asked a judge to increase her monthly child support payments to a whopping $16,000 — a hefty amount which Brown’s attorneys argues was a ridiculous amount of money to raise a toddler.

A judge sided with Brown and informed Chris’ baby mama that her child support will remain at a reported $4,000 a month. And while the “Loyal” singer was initially angered by Nia Guzman’s move in trying to earn herself more cash from the hitmaker, the duo have worked past their problems in the hopes of being better parents to Royalty.

Brown is already believed to have taken care of Guzman’s move from Texas to Los Angeles last year in a bid to spend more time with Royalty. On top of that, Chris has never shied away from social media when stressing that if Nia and his daughter ever needed anything, they can have it. There’s really no need to be demanding more child support because Brown is already providing his one-time fling with everything she needs.

“I’m doing all I can to co-parent and make sure Royalty will never see any negativity me and [Chris] have,” Nia went on to tell Latina magazine. “No matter what issues we have, I will always be 100 percent for him to be there and be hands-on.”

Nia’s interview about Chris Brown comes just days after it was alleged that the recent lawsuits filed against the singer for allegedly verbally and physically abusing his staff left Guzman worrying about the safety of their daughter.

Having somewhat built a better relationship with the father of her child in recent months, she wouldn’t want to go behind his back and file for full custody of Royalty, especially with how great Chris has been around Royalty, but the 2-year-old’s safety will always come first.

Should Brown be found guilty of the two lawsuits he’s currently facing, Nia could potentially make a turnaround and decide that sole custody of the daughter she shares with the singer might be a wise option after all.

What do you make of Nia Guzman and her comments about Chris Brown?

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