Chris Brown ‘Putting Royalty In Danger,’ Claims Baby Mama As Former Manager Sues After Abusive Altercations

Chris Brown is finding himself in trouble again — this time with the mother of his two-year-old daughter, Royalty.

The R&B singer was sued by former manager Mike G earlier this week following claims that Brown was physically abusive towards him on multiple occasions. Mike is now looking for compensation for the emotional distress Chris supposedly put him through after several disagreements between the two led to Brown’s alleged outburst.

Nia Guzman, the mother of Chris Brown’s daughter, is worried that she’s putting Royalty in danger by continuing to allow the youngster to visit her father every other week. Guzman and Brown are currently sharing custody of their child, but with the way things are looking, Nia is weighing out her options to seek sole custody, convinced that Chris could potentially put their daughter in danger.

Hollywood Life alleges that Guzman was not surprised by the lawsuit filed against Chris Brown. The fact that his former manager is coming forward and admitting that he was allegedly verbally and physically abused by the singer speaks for itself.

Nia isn’t looking for an explanation; she’s certain that those incidents took place because this wouldn’t be the first time that Chris found himself in a lawsuit regarding emotional distress and abusive claims.

Insiders stress that Nia Guzman won’t take the risk — she’s refusing to act like she can just overlook the situation and allow Chris to continue seeing Royalty when he’s said to be showing clear signs that he’s consistently putting the people around him in danger with his reckless actions.

“It’s no surprise to Nia that Chris has found himself in yet another lawsuit,” the source explained. “But this time, Nia’s scared for Royalty’s safety because it involves violence.”

Since the duo both share custody of their daughter, Nia doesn’t have the right to tell Chris Brown that he can’t see Royalty. Under court orders, she is obligated to let the singer see his daughter for up to two weeks a month — but an insider continues that everything is bound to change once Nia files legal papers for sole custody of her child.

“Nia is considering going to court to get full custody of Royalty after this claim,” the source added. “She’s doesn’t know what happens when RoRo’s in Chris’ care and it would just be awful if Chris is attacking someone or doing anything out of line in front of Royalty.”

It’s a given fact that Nia and Chris Brown are not getting along with one another. The 27-year-old fought against Guzman’s request to receive a drastic increase in child support, having allegedly hoped to bank $16,000 a month, which Chris contested, stressing that there was no reason for him to pay that amount when he’s already buying Royalty everything she needs.

It is believed that Nia is currently earning $6,000 a month, but since she is reportedly planning to seek full custody rights of the child she shares with Chris, those numbers can rise up to $14,000 as soon as the judge approves her request.

Chris Brown has never shown himself to be a bad father — at least in the presence of Royalty – but with the endless media scandals, feuds with other celebrities, and lawsuits from people that used to work with him, it seems rather clear that his two-year-old daughter isn’t exactly safe being around that kind of environment.

Do you agree with Nia, or are you siding with Chris Brown?

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