Drunk Man Stumbles Into Police Car Thinking It’s A Cab, Lands In Jail

A man in Toronto was having a bad evening Saturday (August 6) when he started walking down the street drunk.

While the drunk man may have had every intention of safely taking a cab home, his drunken state instead landed him in the back of a police car, and later, he found himself in jail.

According to the Star, the drunk man was clearly intoxicated last night as he walked down the street and eventually helped himself to the backseat of a police car. If you are thinking he would be rewarded for being responsible, you would be mistaken.

“On Saturday evening, police say the man got into the car while an officer was filling up gas in the Liberty Village police station garage on Hanna Ave.

“Upon investigation, the man was then arrested for an outstanding warrant.”

It is unknown what the warrant was for, but it’s clear that the drunk man made the wrong move climbing into the back of a police car.

Drunk Man Stumbles Into Police Car Thinking It's A Cab, Lands In Jail

While we cannot go to the length of calling this unnamed Toronto criminal a “stupid criminal,” BBC News has listed what it believes to be the world’s 13 dumbest criminals on its website.

Among the most bizarre incidents was one in which a man robbed a local convenience store and posted about it on Facebook before the alleged crime took place.

“Armed robber Andrew Hennells was caught after he boasted on Facebook about his plans to raid a supermarket in a post which included a selfie, a picture of a knife, and the words: ‘Doing. Tesco. Over.’

“Police caught him 15 minutes later with the knife and £410 in cash stolen from a Tesco in King’s Lynn, Norfolk.

“He was jailed for four years last April.”

Of course, his loot was worth a lot more when he committed his crime, but post-Brexit, stealing “£410 in cash” really does not seem worth the trouble due to the drop in the pound versus the dollar. Does anyone agree, or is this a classic case of over-thinking something most of us will never have to deal with?

So, what about the other dumb criminals highlighted by the BBC? Are any of them as dumb as the drunk guy stumbling into a police car in Toronto or a guy posting a photo to Facebook with the weapon he’d use to rob a store? Actually, there are plenty that are just as dumb.

Perhaps the most entertaining one is the man who broke into a house, cleaned it up a bit, and then fell asleep. You can guess what happened next.

Drunk Man Stumbles Into Police Car Thinking It's A Cab, Lands In Jail

“A retired couple from Lancashire returned home from a holiday in 2014 to discover a burglar fast asleep in their bed,” the BBC reports. “Martin Holtby and Pat Dyson were amazed to find the intruder, Lukasz Chojnowski, had done their dishes, washed his underwear, and even bought some groceries.”

While he may have seemed responsible, the couple reported a burnt sauce pan, but “that happens,” the couple said.

As for punishment for the crime, the suspect “was given a two-year conditional discharge and ordered to pay £200 costs.”

One last stupid criminal for the books and like the man who robbed the Tesco, he bragged on Facebook, according to Business.com.

“In January, 2011, then nineteen-year-old Rodney Knight Jr. broke into the home of Washington Post journalist Marc Fisher, stealing a coat, cash, and a laptop belonging to Fisher’s son,” the site reported. “Knight then logged into the Facebook account of Fisher’s son, posting a photo of himself showing off the pilfered cash while wearing the stolen coat– which all of Fisher’s 400+ friends instantly saw.”

Needless to say, he was arrested.

What do you think was the dumbest crime in this story? Or are there crimes even dumber? Comment below and let us know if you have a case funnier than the drunk man climbing into the back of a police car.

[Photo by Mike Stone/Getty Images]