Mia Nichols, Tyronne ‘Tyrone’ Webb: Baltimore Hubby Shot Wife In Head, Hid Body In Woods On Next ‘Fatal Attraction’ On TV One

Mia Nichols, an African-American mother who vanished from Baltimore, Maryland, and was found dead eight years ago, will have her story recounted on the next Fatal Attraction on TV One. Her husband, Tyronne Webb, was convicted in the killing. This Monday night’s episode based on the case is titled, “Into The Woods,” and follows detectives as they try to locate a missing mother who police suspect may have never left home alive. To tell this story, look for legal analysts, journalists, police investigators, and intimate friends and family of the victim.

Missing Baltimore Mother Vanishes

It was October 2008, when Tyronne Webb, aka Tyrone Webb, reported his live-in girlfriend, Mia Lynn Nichols, missing. When police arrived at the W. Forest Park Avenue home located in West Baltimore, Tyronne Webb told detectives that the last time he saw Mia Nichols was when she was headed to work.

He grew concerned when he learned that she never made it to her job at Volunteers of America. Mia Lynn Nichols’ family members were overtaken with worry and knew immediately that something bad had to have happened to her. Mia would never run off and leave her children, and she always showed up to her job, where she worked as an administrative assistant.

Nearly a year passed before police got the call they were waiting for.

Body Found In Woods Is Missing Mother

In 2009, two people hunting in an isolated area in the woods, near Windsor Mill in Woodlawn, found the body of Mia Nichols. When detectives arrived at the scene. They found skeletal remains that were partially clothed. An exact identity was made after dental records confirmed that it was the missing mother. An autopsy report also concluded that Mia Nichols had been shot twice in the head before the body was dumped.

However, finding out the identity of the killer would be more difficult. And had it not been for an informant who came forward with information, pointing the finger at her own husband, Tyronne Webb, he may have gotten away with the perfect murder.

In 2010, Tyronne Webb’s case went to trial but ended in a hung jury and a mistrial. It seemed to Mia Nichols’ family and investigators who worked on the case that Webb just might have a second chance to get away with murder.

However, with the informant’s information at the second trial, a jury was able to secure a conviction. This time, Tyronne Webb, also known as Tyrone Webb Jr., was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison, according to the Baltimore Sun.


According to family members, Mia Nichols met Tyronne after she was transferred to Baltimore for her job with Volunteers of America. Though the relationship started off passionately, the couple had a tumultuous relationship since Tyronne Webb always kept the victim upset.

After Mia found out that Tyronne (Tyrone) had cheated on her with another woman and had impregnated her, she decided that she no longer wanted to be with him, which was most likely the motive in the killing, according to New Jersey.

“As soon as we found out she was missing we all thought he had something to do with it. It was very unusual and very much out of character for Mia. She was a responsible woman; she never missed time from her job and she never would have left her children. After she went missing we all went down to Baltimore and organized a candle-light vigil at her neighborhood church and handed out fliers trying to get information from anyone who may have seen her. Not one time did he ever show up to help us find her.”

You can watch Mia Nichols’ tragic tale on Fatal Attraction this Monday, August 8, at 9/8 p.m. Central on TV One. Mia Nichols’ old Facebook page can be found here. Fatal Attraction also aired the cases of David Lokeith Worley and Bruce Strachan.

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