Miranda Lambert Breaks Down During Concert, Promises Complete Honesty In New Album

Miranda Lambert had an emotional reaction during a recent concert, and fans are worried about her state of mind. According to People magazine, Miranda Lambert became tearful during a concert when she sang a song that she co-wrote with her ex-husband Blake Shelton.

She was singing her 2012 single “Over You” during a show in Tinley Park, Illinois, when Miranda Lambert broke down in tears and relied on the crowd to help her finish the tune. Lambert wrote the song about a tragedy that Blake Shelton had experienced as a teenager when his older brother lost his life in a car accident. The “Mama’s Broken Heart” singer told the audience that she was having a rough night, as she was feeling hormonal and had been suffering from cramps, even going on to tell the crowd that she was a mess, as she wiped away her tears.

Later in her set, she began crying again during her song “The House That Built Me.” The onstage tears of Lambert came just a day after Shelton made worldwide headlines for candidly speaking to Billboard about his 2015 divorce from her and his very public new relationship with Gwen Stefani.

Miranda Lambert has recently released her first new song after her divorce from her ex-husband. According to the Tennessean, Miranda Lambert released the song “Vice,” which was reportedly written exactly a year ago and gives listeners an idea into what the “Over You” singer’s life was like at the time.

On July 20, 2015, her surprise split from Blake Shelton became final, and the new song from Miranda Lambert is her first song since the divorce and includes references to alcohol and her tendency to leave town when things get tough.

Having co-written the song with Shane McAnally and Josh Osbourne, the singer revealed that she and her co-writers wrote the song at the same exact moments that she experienced each of the feelings described in the song’s lyrics. This aspect of the song’s creative process was important to the “Mama’s Broken Heart” singer, who believes that it is important to have her emotions documented through a song.

Speaking about the title and content of the song, Miranda Lambert admitted that a couple of the vices that she mentions in the lyrics are her own, but she feels that this is normal because everyone has something that they fall back on when times get tough.

Miranda Lambert spoke on vices and the meaning behind the song.

“Everybody has a vice of some sort. Sometimes when you’re going through something in your life, you may run to some things you shouldn’t and run from some things you shouldn’t.”

Miranda Lambert went on to say that she took the song to be an opportunity to be honest about own her imperfections. She hopes that the song will resonate with her listeners since she believes that everyone has a vice.

“Everybody has a vice they run to when they need comfort, and I think that’s what this song says. There’s no mystery here. I run to things for comfort just like everybody else.”

Miranda Lambert’s new song was released to country radio on July 18 and debuted at No. 18 on Billboard’s Country Airplay Chart, a career high for her. The “Over You” singer says that people have continued to question her about what she has been doing over the past year, and her answer is that she has been writing new music and recording a new album.

The recently-released “Vice” is the lead single from Lambert’s new album, which is expected to be in stores sometime in the fall. Lambert is still choosing songs for her upcoming album, but is confident that the collection of songs will be a personal journey for herself and for her listeners, calling it a “journal of emotions” for someone to wake up to and feel for the rest of the day.

Miranda Lambert spoke on her upcoming album, emphasizing that the project has been an extremely personal one for her, and that she is still aiming for total honesty and transparency.

“Absolutely it’s a personal project. It’s no different than any other record I’ve made, except my story changed a little. My platform has always been, ‘Be honest, say what you want to say.’ That’s no different on this record.”

Watch Miranda Lambert performing “Vice” on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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