Shannen Doherty Nearly Broken By A ‘Traumatic And Horrible’ Cancer Battle

The world has been nervously watching as actress Shannen Doherty has waged her own war on cancer, following the diagnosis that revealed she had breast cancer. In spite of keeping a positive state of mind, garnering support from family, friends, and fans, and fighting the cancer on her own terms, Shannen now reveals that it has spread from her breasts. Doherty reveals that the damaged cells have infected her lymph nodes and may have even spread further. Now, the actress, who is loved for her roles on Charmed and Beverly Hills 90210, seems to be losing ground, but has Shannen given up the will to fight altogether?

Charmed Actress Shannen Doherty Reveals That Her Cancer Is Spreading

In a recent statement shared by CNN, Ms. Doherty reveals that her cancer was discovered to have spread from her breasts. The discovery was made during a surgical procedure, and the medical professionals determined that Shannen’s cancer has spread from her breasts to her lymph nodes and may have possibly spread even further. As a result, Doherty is following her physician’s advice and pursuing a very intensive treatment.

“So for that reason, we are doing chemo, and then after chemo, I’ll do radiation,” says Ms. Doherty.

This isn’t the only obstacle Ms. Doherty has faced in her fight against cancer. She recently had a single mastectomy, which she described as having been a “traumatic and horrible” experience.

“My mom went with me and I broke down crying in the dressing room and ran out,” Shannen revealed. “And then sat in the car crying.”

Ms. Doherty says that, more than anything else, a fear of the unknown is really what affects her the most. She says she can live with the pain and with going the rest of her life missing a breast, but her biggest fear is not knowing whether or not the chemo will work. Shannen also fears getting secondary cancer and having to go through the whole battle all over again. Doherty adds that worrying about her future and how her loved ones will be affected is also a big concern for her.

Shannen Doherty Continues To Share Her Cancer Fight

Before she contracted cancer, Shannen Doherty was a pretty controversial “love her or hate her” celebrity, but her public battle against cancer and her willingness to share experiences most people would prefer to keep private has changed many people’s opinions of the Charmed actress. Many fans have been inspired by Shannen’s public battle, which is one reason Doherty continues to share her experiences in a new post, shared by New York Daily News. Doherty is seen collapsed on her bed, joined by her pet dog, in a new Instagram posting with a caption that shares her further words on her cancer battle.

“Each persons cancer journey is different,” Shannen begins. “For me, chemo has been terrible and believe me, we have tried almost everything.”

As she continues her Instagram caption, Doherty reveals that, no matter how dedicated she is to battling against the cancer infecting her body, some days are worse than others. The bad days are becoming more frequent, states Shannen.

“So days like this have become a bit of the norm. I’m learning that it’s ok to fall into bed and give in to the exhaustion or nausea or aches.”

Still, the Beverly Hills 90210 actress hasn’t given up. She reveals that she’s found as much courage and inspiration from others as her fans have derived from her own experiences.

“I’ve learned a lot of that thru all the beautiful people who have shared their personal stories with me right here on Instagram,” writes Shannen Doherty. “Thank you. Btw, it doesn’t hurt to have #msbowie comfort me So back to my nap. Thank you for your prayers, well wishes and stories. They help so much. #blessed by#mamarosa.”

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]