Jaden Smith Wants To Hunt UFOs, Check Out Area 51 [Video]

Jaden Smith often seems to have his head in the clouds and his thoughts in the sky, and on Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the newly-adult son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith confirmed to the world that he often has lofty plans and thoughts. During his appearance on the show, Jaden told host Jimmy Fallon that he wants to expand on a planned upcoming family vacation so that the trip includes a drive-by (at least) of the notorious UFO hot spot Area 51 in Nevada.

As Complex reports, Jimmy Fallon first heard about the plans for Jaden Smith’s family vacation the week before. It was then that Jimmy interviewed another famous Smith, Jaden’s Hollywood royalty dad. During Will’s sit-down with Jimmy Fallon, he detailed plans for a Smith family vacation that (might) include the Fallons and a retro-style road trip. Will Smith was on the Tonight Show plugging his new flick, Suicide Squad.

During Jaden Smith’s talk with host Jimmy Fallon, he told the host that he was “all for” Smith family vacation, but added that if he goes along for the ride, he wants to make sure the vacation includes a jaunt to Area 51 so that he can “try to see some UFOs.”

Jaden Smith’s desire to check out UFOs and Area 51 (a restricted U.S. government site, no less) is a bit of a deviation from Will Smith’s vacation plans, which (after some prodding by the Tonight Show host) was slated to include Jimmy Fallon’s family as well. According to Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon’s plans, the Smith family vacation (Fallons in tow) would be a traditional American road trip, with a route spanning from New York to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

“We’ve got to see some prairie dogs.”

According to the televised plan, the road trip would include Jaden Smith, his siblings and parents and the Fallon family.

And if Jaden Smith gets his way, the Smith family vacation will travel a lot further west than South Dakota and (hopefully) get way cooler pics than the standard family photo in front of Mount Rushmore, too.

Jaden Smith has a long history of believing in spacey stuff from beyond the stars, and he’s long used his social media accounts to share his beliefs.

Over the course of his Twitter history, Jaden Smith has managed to keep his thoughts pretty cryptic while sticking to the subject matter at hand, too.

In many cases, it’s been Jaden’s less obvious tweets (such as the one above) that have gotten some of the most positive social media responses.

Even before Jaden Smith was on Fallon making public plans for a UFO-themed family vacation, it appears as though he was mulling over the idea in his beautiful mind.

If Jaden Smith really is planning on dragging himself and his family (not to mention the Fallon clan) to the notorious Area 51 near Groom Lake in Nevada, there are quite a few things he’s going to keep in mind to make sure he doesn’t end up falling victim to the real life Men in Black.

Visitors are not particularly welcomed to Area 51. In fact, the government warns passers-by and curious tourists that they need to stay away. And that if they do get close, they better leave their cameras behind. Oh, and if you do get too close, it might result in the use of deadly force.

Yep, you read that right. The U.S. government has already authorized the use of deadly force against people (read: U.S. citizens) that get too close to the restricted government area. Presumably, Jaden Smith is included in those who aren’t allowed to trespass.

What do you think? Does a family vacation to Area 51 sound like a good idea? Would Jaden Smith have been wiser not to talk about his UFO hunting plans on national TV?

[Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images]