Apple iPhone 5 Passes Durability Drop Test [Video]

Here’s a test Samsung would wholeheartedly get behind, dropping an iPhone 5 repeatedly to test how well it stands up to normal wear and tear accidents and then revealing when it finally gives in and breaks.

The drop and durability test was performed this week by 9to5Mac and iFixYouri and involved dropping the new 4G LTE smartphone from a few feet off the ground to test the strength of its build factor.

The test found that the unibody aluminum design will in fact dent and warp when dropped but that the phone will continue to work properly.

The test did eventually manage to crack the phones screen but only after numerous drop tests. Given that the display is made out of glass it is not surprise that over time it eventually gives in and cracks.

Final results? You can break your iPhone 5 by dropping it from a few feet off the ground, fortunately it takes multiple drops which means you will probably still have a working phone if you are not a total klutz.

Honestly with any device damage will occur when dropped, what is impressive about today’s smartphones is their ability to remain operational despite landing directly on their display.

Here’s the iFixYouri iPhone 5 drop case:

I won’t claim that the iPhone 5 build factor is stronger than the iPhone 4 but my wife dropped her iPhone 4 onto cement just one time and needed to have the screen replaced on the older iPhone device.