‘Little Women Atlanta’ Star Emily Fernandez AKA ‘Right Cheek’ Shares Heartbreaking News Of Newborn Son’s Death

Emily Fernandez aka “Right Cheek” from Little Women Atlanta shared some really heartbreaking news with fans on Friday night. After a lengthy hospital stay, her newborn son passed away while still under doctors’ care. Right Cheek let fans know via Instagram with a photo of the baby boy and his father, Lontel, Sr.

It was just days before the heartbreaking passing of her little boy that Emily took to Instagram and posted another sweet message for her son as he continued his hospital stay. In it, she talked about how great it was to have a son and how much baby Lontel, Jr., whom they called JJ, meant to her. Baby JJ was just three months old when he passed away.

Fans of Little Women Atlanta have watched Emily Fernandez as she gave birth via c-section and then worried from her hospital bed as her baby boy was rushed to the NICU for treatment. Each week, the Lifetime reality show has updated fans on Right Cheek and her baby boy. Each week, baby JJ seems to be getting bigger and stronger. It seemed like it was only a matter of time before the reality star would finally get to take her baby home.

Emily Fernandez has been very open about her pregnancy and the birth of her son with her boyfriend Lontel. The Lifetime reality show even aired film of Emily telling Lontel that she was pregnant back in February.

I will never be the same after today ???????????????????? #prayersforJJ

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On the most recent episode of Little Women Atlanta that aired on Wednesday, cameras caught up with Emily, who was still visiting baby JJ in the hospital every day. On the episode where the rest of the cast were partying it up in Myrtle Beach for Black Bike Week, Emily was meeting up with a friend of hers who also gave birth around the same time she did. During the episode, Emily talked about how hard it was for her to deal with the fact that JJ was still in the hospital and she really just wanted to take him home.

Little is known about JJ’s health issues except that there were several that included breathing issues and seizures. Just last week, she posted a picture of herself and the baby, who was definitely getting bigger. In the caption she wrote, “No one will ever know the pain you suffer and even I can only imagine ❤️ you look so peaceful and healthy on the outside I wish I could jus make everything on the inside just as healthy…… Your sister, daddy and I pray for you ever night dude ❤️ and we won’t stop till your better.”

No one will ever understand what you ment to me. ❤️ I still can't believe this is real.

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After Emily Fernandez posted to Instagram on Friday night to let fans know that JJ had passed, she continued to share photos of her baby boy with herself and Lontel. In one of the heartbreaking photos of Emily, Lontel, and JJ, she wrote, “I will never be the same after today.”

In another photo, Emily wrote, “You were my dream come true ❤️ I will live my life for you everyday. Mommy and Daddy will never forget you. God makes no mistakes but this sure is a hard faith to accept.”

In the days since JJ’s passing, Emily has shared many photos on Instagram. She has asked for prayers for herself and her family. The reality TV star and her family are understandably very upset about the loss of her baby boy. Fans are also mourning along with Emily Fernandez and her family. News of the Little Women Atlanta heartbreak quickly spread among fans, who have been sending their well wishes and prayers to the family of JJ.

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