Was Melania Trump Married Before Her Marriage To Donald Trump? If So, Who Is Her Ex-Husband?

Melania Trump can be seen in the above photo with Donald Trump, back when Melania had not yet taken the famous “Trump” last name. Back then — on Monday, November 15, 1999 — Donald’s future wife was known as Melania Knauss. Some publications list her name — as IMDB reports — as Melanija Knavs.

Melania met Trump when she was 28 years old and Donald was 52, according to GQ. The publication says the pair met in New York City. Therefore, Melania wasn’t even 30 years old at that point, as pictured above in 1999, since Knauss was born on April 26, 1970 — making Melania currently 46 years of age. Melania is facing a lot more criticism these days, with new questions arising about Mrs. Trump’s immigration past — and a potential first marriage prior to marrying “The Donald.”

As reported by Heavy, questions about Melania’s potential first marriage — one to a husband who wasn’t Mr. Trump — came about when an ex-mayor of New Jersey made questionable statements.

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Michael Wildes — also an immigration lawyer — who enjoyed a position within the Trump Organization — made waves when he claimed that Melania got her green card “based on marriage,” as reported by Univision. Melania garnered that green card via marriage prior to her marriage to Mr. Trump, claimed the statement — a fact that seems to definitely imply Mrs. Trump was married prior to her marriage to Donald.

It isn’t the first controversy surrounding Melania’s citizenship. Mrs. Trump denied working illegally as a model on an illegal visa in the U.S., reports The Guardian.

Questions surrounding Melania’s claimed college degree have also arisen, as reported by the Daily Mail.

However, it’s the latest hubbub over Melania’s potential first marriage and possible ex-husband that has the internet buzzing on Saturday. Melania has said that she was never married before meeting Trump. Melania and Donald got married in 2005.

According to Ben Schreckinger, Trump’s group is denying that Melania was ever married prior to marrying Donald.

“Trump campaign pushing back on Univision report in statement: ‘Melania was not married prior to her marriage to Mr. Trump in 2005.’”

Therefore, the conflicting statements from Wildes via Univision and Trump’s camp about Melania’s alleged previous marriage are causing buzz.

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Whereas Melania’s marriage to Donald was a glitzy affair in Palm Beach, Florida, any other secret marriage between Melania and a potential ex-husband has not been as well publicized. As reported by Variety, Univision and Trump were locked in a disagreement that ended with a settled lawsuit over Trump’s bad remarks about Mexicans.

Madame President can we talk about citizenship? I Believe trump was an anchor husband. Irony.”

“Time to check visa, green card and marriage certificate”

“Did have a sham marriage to get green card? release the immigration papers – IMMIGRATION FRAUD.”

“Marriage fraud for a green card is a punishable offense thats taken seriously by immigration. Re:

“So who did Melania marry in 2001?”

“Did Melania Trump violate immigration rules her husband has made a campaign cornerstone?”

“If Melania Trump worked here illegally, would she be granted an exception to her husband’s deport-’em-all policy?”

Some of the latest reactions to Melania’s most recent controversy by social media users can be read above. Melania herself has published a tweet that claimed there was misinformation about her immigration status from 1996. Mrs. Trump claimed she has always been in full compliance with the immigration laws of the U.S. Melania’s official Twitter page has yet to tackle the current rumors about Mrs. Trump potentially obtaining her green card via an ex-husband.

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