Tagg Romney Talks About His Children, Wife, And Dear Old Dad During Ohio Campaign Stop [Video]

Tagg Romney is criss-crossing Ohio to bolster support for his Republican candidate father, Mitt Romney. His visit to the rural area of Vinton County was the first time any member of a presidential campaign had stopped in the impoverished region since Richard Nixon paused briefly and addressed the crowd from the back of a railroad car. The large crowd of party faithful, independent voters, and even some Democrats, turned out to hear what the man had to say about what would change at the White House if his dad is elected in November.

87th District State Representative Ryan Smith and Ohio Senate candidate, Shane Thompson, were also traveling with the GOP candidate’s son. Both men discussed how far Ohio has come economically, talked about how much was left to be done, and noted their support for the coal industry – which provides thousands of living-wage jobs in the all-important swing state.

While speaking with The Inquisitr, Tagg stated he wanted to tell people about the personal side of his dad, share family stories, and life lessons he learned from a man he very obviously admires.

“He is a good man,” the loving son said during the interview. The short statement was uttered with such deep emotion it was striking. Adult children on the campaign trail will naturally say nice things about a parent running for office, but the tone and look in Tagg’s eyes when he discussed the character of his father was undeniably heartfelt.

During the conversation with the Republican candidate’s son, he was surprised to learn that his father had donated thousands of cartons of milk to a Veterans Administration hospital in Boston, when budget constraints prohibited the purchase of enough of the dairy product. Although the younger Romney was unfamiliar with the story previously published on The Inquisitr, he was not at all surprised at his dad’s act of charity.

“There are so many stories,” he said, when referencing the quiet actions and donations Mitt has offered throughout his life. The presidential candidate’s son took the time to shake hands, give hugs, and speak with every member of the crowd who ventured near him during the Ohio campaign stop. Before ending his speech, he did share the highlights of Mitt’s 5-point plan for fiscal reform and how the GOP nominee planned to change the direction of the country.

Just hours before the arrival in rural southern Ohio, TMZ released a report delving into a surrogate agreement entered into with the woman who carried Tagg and Jennifer’s twins. The claims published by the website contend that the candidate helped pay for some of the surrogacy expense and that a paragraph in the legal document appears to contradict the Republican’s stance on abortion. A communications representative and another campaign tour handler traveling with Tagg indicated the topic would probably not be discussed during the stop, and it was not.

Although an official release may be forthcoming, the impression given to The Inquisitr meshes with the statement the attorney who reportedly drafted the agreement gave to TMZ. The seemingly standard legalese contained in “Paragraph 13” gives the surrogate the right to terminate the pregnancy if there is potential physical harm to her health, and also gives the intended parents the right to terminate if the fetus develops chromosomal, genetic or physiological abnormalities.

Nationally-known attorney Bill Handel noted that when the same surrogate was used during a 2009 birth, the paragraph was removed because the couple did not want it. This time around, no one involved in the surrogacy agreement noticed or thought to request the removal of the abortion option, according to the attorney’s statements to TMZ.

Dealing with fertility issues should be a private matter. The lapse in thoroughness between the individuals who had worked successfully together before appears like a non-stor, and will perhaps remind everyone, especially attorneys, to go over contracts a bit more carefully in the future.

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