Jaden Smith And Sarah Snyder Get Cozy In Public Amid Rumors Of His Suicide And Her Cheating [Video]

Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder have been plagued by some nasty rumors over the last couple of weeks. The 18-year-old son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith was targeted by some pervasive suicide rumors not long after his 18th birthday on July 8. The situation ended up being pretty widespread, with click-bait articles on Facebook and other social media sites perpetuating the story every time someone clicked on a variety of links featuring the “Jaden Smith Suicide” headline.

Things got so bad that the internet rumor-busting website Snopes investigated the matter and ensured concerned Jaden Smith fans the world over that the teen was still among the living.

Sarah Snyder, Jaden’s 21-year-old model girlfriend hasn’t fared much better. A week ago, she was blasted on social media when her photographer friend Gunner tweeted out a picture of himself in bed next to her and tagged Jaden Smith, too. Gunner quickly deleted the incriminating photograph, but the damage was already done. The entire world was left wondering if Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder were headed for a split.

As the internet rumor-mill ground down Sarah and Jaden’s year-long relationship in the public eye, Sarah Snyder seemed to add fuel to the fire by changing her public and popular Instagram page to a private setting, at least temporarily. The young celebs were hitting the town at the New York premiere of Will Smith’s new flick Suicide Squad when the incriminating photo was tweeted and deleted, and according to all reports and photos snapped at the event, the two were showing PDA like nobody’s business.


Hollywood Life reports that Jaden Smith’s GF, Sarah Snyder, continued to add more confusion to the cheating mix on August 2 when she posted an Instagram pic of her in a sexy, clingy white dress and a convoluted caption that sent tongues and keyboards wagging.

The Instagram post reportedly initially included the following caption, along with a couple of kiss emojis.

“When your little ex is salty. You’re in love with your man. Btw, thanks for the flowers baby.”

Yep, there are the flowers, all big and beautiful in the background of her social media shout out. However, one thing about Sarah Snyder’s Instagram post has changed since she originally shared it with the world. Now, the cryptic statement about being in love with your man is nowhere to be seen. Friends and critics alike have been wondering which man she’s referring to being in love with — and which man is the “salty” ex. Could Sarah Snyder have been referring to a split with Jaden Smith?


It’s honestly hard to say. In the midst of all of the speculation about the couple, with all of their fans, haters and social media followers wondering if Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder are off or on, the pair has reportedly been spotted together in public one more time. Just like at the premiere of Suicide Squad, the young lovers appeared very publicly affectionate, and couldn’t seem to keep their hands off of each other.

If Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder have broken up, they sure are doing a good job of fooling the world by looking like a couple in love.


The Daily Mail published a report on August 5 full of snapshots of Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder shopping together in New York City. The pair were holding hands, hugging each other and being chased by paparazzi looking to get a candid shot of the popular celebrity couple.

It’s hard to say whether Sarah Snyder actually cheated on Jaden, despite the incriminating photo Gunner sprung on the couple and the world. She is a model, after all. She’s the subject of risque photos all the time. Whatever happened between Sarah and her photographer friend, it doesn’t seem to have put a damper on the young love budding between Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder.

[Photo via Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]