Lauren Bennett Finds Herself Defending Her Racism After Her Vulgar Video Goes Viral

When Lauren Bennett of Grand Junction, Colorado, started calling Yolanda Flores a “wetback” in the parking lot outside of the Human Services building, her daughter, Wendy Flores, caught the woman’s racism on her smart phone. It didn’t seem to bother Bennett that she was being filmed, as she claims she was more concerned about was the German Shepherd “trapped” in the car.

But you wouldn’t know that from the video, because the floodgates of racism a.k.a. her mouth, made it seemed as if she was more concerned about Yolanda’s inability to speak English, and that she allegedly depended on government assistance instead of getting a job, than the dog in the car; which is interesting because most of the time the right-wing view is that Hispanics are taking jobs away from “Americans,” and so encouraging her to get one defeats the purpose.

According to the local NBC affiliate KKCO, Lauren Bennett, who was caught on video, ended up apologizing for the verbal abuse, but she rationalizes her racism by saying that the video does not show what she was angry about, which was Nala, the dog in the car.

Various media reports say that the Flores family was at the Human Services clinic for a doctors appointment and they had their dog with them, which they were going to take for vaccinations, and left the pooch in the car for a total of 25-minutes with the windows rolled down, and frequent checks.

Dogs in cars on a hot day can be hard to manage.

According to the report, Lauren Bennett was leaving her appointment from the same building when she found the dog in the car and waited until the family came out before she lashed out at them.

“The German shepherd was trying to put his nose towards the crack sniffing or trying to get oxygen and I thought boy that’s not right to leave an animal locked in a car.”

Aside from the one derogatory statement published here, but the rest of Bennett’s comments can be seen in the linked report(s) provided. In her interview with KKCO, Lauren Bennett also rationalized her comments through self-entitlement.

“I’m Hispanic too, so I don’t really think I can be racist if that’s my own descent. I used inappropriate words out of anger and frustration because that party was definitely taking this as an unimportant subject. It wasn’t important to her, it wasn’t important to the dog to let a full grown German Shepherd just sit in a vehicle and just pant away.”

In fact, racism also exists in Latin countries as well. Often it’s more about privilege among Castilian against the native Indians there.

Aside from the racist rant, while there’s nothing on the Human Services site for the county that says dogs are not allowed in their facilities, it’s a general rule to not allow any animals indoors unless someone requires a special needs dog, trained to enter with them.

It would stand to reason that with many reports of dogs and babies dying in hot cars, one risks taking their dog out with them, only to be accused of cruelty if there’s enough distance between the owner and the car, before someone jumps to conclusions.

Donald Trump enrages Mexican-Americans and immigrants

There is no doubt about it, Donald Trump’s candidacy has taken over the lives of every American who has access to a radio, television or the internet.

Even referencing Donald Trump in a conversation means he gets the best of it and obviously, with that kind of reach, the message he’s been sending for a year is going to “get to” those who’ve always wanted to degrade immigrants in public as if they’re there to teach them a lesson.

“They’re sending people that have a lot of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

There’s also no doubt that his racist platform is the kind that has encouraged Lauren Bennett to confront Yolanda as she did. And according to ABC affiliate 15 Arizona, Hailey, one of Yolanda’s daughters, says that the only reason Bennett regrets what she said is because the video went viral.

It’s not known whether the intentions of the family to leave the dog in the car were devious, as the report(s) say that two of Yolanda’s children came out ahead of their mother, perhaps in anticipation to get to the dog, when Bennett told them she was going to have their dog taken away. Other reports say that one of the children was in the car crying, perhaps from the threat.

It would also appear that Lauren’s racism was misdirected because Yolanda actually knows a bit more English than she led on. And she also understood everything that was shouted at her, as well as the fact that they’ve been Americans for twenty plus years. So really, in hindsight, Lauren Bennett’s racism is more an expression that under the cover of Donald Trump, she can express her racism and not only not suffer the repercussions, but she can find some way to rationalize it in the end and not feel genuinely bad about it.

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