‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: New HOH Brings A Power Shift, A Final Three Deal Made, And The Vets May Be In Trouble [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease a mild power shift could place two vets fighting for their life in the game, Online Big Brother reports.

Victor Arroyo won the late night Head of Household competition last night, and immediately he knew who he wanted to target– Michelle Meyer, Zakiyah Everette, and Natalie Negrotti. Of course, two of his targets are in a showmance that could prove difficult to get rid of them. Victor makes a final three deal with Paulie Calafiore and Paul Abrahamian. James Huling and Nicole Franzel may find themselves in trouble this week as Victor has named them both as possible backdoor options later in the week. It looks like it may be an exciting week ahead on Big Brother 18 as Victor has stated he will not let Paulie or Paul dictate his HOH reign.

Victor gets salty about Zakiyah, “I told her she was good, and she didn’t drop out of the HOH comp. To me, that mean our deal is null and void.” Paul and Paulie try to guide his nominees as much as they can without sounding pushy. The three men form an alliance called “The Board,” and waste no time talking about the future targets. They decide to nominate Zakiyah and Michelle with Bridgette Dunning being the replacement if needed after the Power of Veto competition.

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that they plan out the order of evictions and decide that James and Nicole need to go pretty soon because they are strong competitors. They agree that Natalie and Corey Brooks may prove useful for a few more weeks so they will “clip” them once they make it to the final five.

At first, it seems as if Zakiyah would be the target because her emotional outburst is becoming a threat to Paulie’s Big Brother game. Later, the men decided that Michelle should be the target because she isn’t “pulling her weight.” Victor has made it no secret that he cannot stand Michelle or Zakiyah, so these nominations aren’t too surprising.

In the Have Not room, Michelle, and Zakiyah talk about feeling betrayed by the Big Brother house (voting Da’Vonne Rogers out). Michele cannot understand why James and Natalie voted Da’Vonne out and didn’t tell them beforehand their plans. They agree that if Victor were smart, he’d take this chance to get James out now. Zakiyah feels that James will push to have her on the block because “she’s close to Paulie.” It isn’t apparent if he believed the tip Da’Vonne gave him about Paulie/Paul targeting him if he didn’t win the HOH comp.

“I think he told Paulie that Da whispered in his ear that he needs to win because they are going to try and get him out on double eviction.”

Later, Nicole tries to explain to Zakiyah why she voted Da’Vonne out and claimed that she wanted to target her (Nicole) next, Big Brother Network explained. Zakiyah said that she noticed that Da’Vonne was “shady about a lot of things” and said she tried to keep the drama up so she could pit people against each other.

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Natalie feels she needs to make a move to get Nicole and Corey out of the house this week. James tells her to wait to target them because they can use them to get further in the game right now. James explains that Nicole and Corey are bigger threats and keep the focus off their backs at the moment.

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Paulie and Victor talk about getting Bridgette on their side and create a “side alliance” with her. Victor says she’s a great girl and knows why “Frank was so attached to her.”

“I wouldn’t even mind.. If we can get Bridgette on our side wholeheartedly and bring her down to six we can use her to take a shot at Corey and James.”

Later, James and Paulie talk about the nominations. Zakiyah seems to be the primary target, and Paulie wants to try to keep her safe, if possible. They both agree that Bridgette and Victor have to go soon. For now, the Big Brother house has to survive the week with Victor in charge and Zakiyah and Michelle on the week. We can expect an emotional week ahead.

There is still plenty of Big Brother game to be played this week with the official nomination ceremony, POV comp, and the POV meeting.

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