Tom Cruise Allegedly Splitting Fully With Hollywood For Scientology: Are Girlfriends Auditioned For ‘Top Gun’ Star?

Tom Cruise has become a bit of a mystery over the past decade or so after becoming more entrenched in the ways and practices of Scientology. His beliefs are reportedly responsible for bringing his marriage to Katie Holmes to a close and impeding his relationship with his daughter, Suri, who he shares with Katie.

Although Cruise has found his place at the Church of Scientology and remains one of the faith’s most notable members, the actor has continued on as the leading man we all know and love for the most part. However, recent rumors indicate that Cruise is planning a full exit from stardom and the Hollywood spotlight for the sake of the faith.

Tom Cruise News: Hollywood Split Over Scientology For Katie…

— Tom Cruise (@TomCruisePro) August 5, 2016

As Parent Herald relays, the main reason that Tom is reportedly set to bid adieu to Hollywood involves the news that the headquarters for Scientology is moving to Florida, which is quite a distance from L.A.

The publication shares additional reasons for the supposed exit.

“Supposedly, the real reason that Tom Cruise is making this permanent move to the Church Of Scientology headquarters is because the ‘Mission Impossible’ star no longer has the same pull in Hollywood in terms of box office draw as he used to.”

In addition to these claims, a new story has been made public involving the Church of Scientology auditioning women to pair up with Tom Cruise. As the Daily Mail shared, a woman by the name of Cathy Schenkelberg believed she was being auditioned by the Church of Scientology for their training video. However, was then made aware that she was, in fact, being auditioned as a partner for Cruise. The incident happened years ago following the Cruise’s divorce from his former wife Nicole Kidman.

The publication shares the reason Schenkelberg was not moved forward in the process.

“Cathy Schenkelberg was supposedly asked during her audition about what she thought of Tom Cruise. Unaware of the consequences, Cathy Schenkelberg gave a few unflattering comments about Tom Cruise.After Cathy Schenkelberg was dismissed from the audition room the former Church Of Scientology member saw a fellow actress queued for the same video interview. Only then did Cathy Schenkelberg supposedly learn that she had just been auditioned as a potential girlfriend for Tom Cruise.”

Although the latter is factual, the rumors about Cruise leaving Hollywood for good have been shut down as untrue by the celebrity gossip policing site Gossip Cop. Based on Tom’s track record over the years, it’s not hard to see why this sort of a rumor could be mistaken as fact, but the publication indicates that Cruise is neither leaving Hollywood nor moving to the headquarters in Florida.

Former Scientologist Cathy Schenkelberg Opens Up About…

— Tom Cruise (@TomCruisePro) August 2, 2016

As for Cruise’s former wife, Katie Holmes just can’t seem to stay out of the spotlight as a subject of rumors based on an apparent relationship with actor and singer Jamie Foxx. It was rumored for some time that Holmes and Foxx have been an item for years, but the two have been determined to keep the romance secretive in order to protect Katie’s daughter, Suri, and to avoid any drama with Cruise.

Up until last week, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were even rumored to be getting married in the near future and were also slammed with pregnancy stories. Regardless of the fact that neither verified a romance, speculation that there was something more between the two kept the headlines coming about the apparent relationship. However, it seems that the claims have settled in regards to the two.

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