'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Jill's Manipulating Of Victoria, Billy, And Phyllis Continues, Hilary Battles, And Abby Faces Disappointment

Friday's Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that multiple relationships in Genoa City will be facing obstacles and challenges. Dylan took the family camping, and it's been quite the trip. Meanwhile, Abby is hopeful that she and Stitch can have another baby soon. Billy and Cane are butting heads at Brash and Sassy while Hilary is facing a challenge with the Abbott-Winters Foundation. What else is on the way with the August 5 show?

While Sharon and Mariah have been a bit hesitant regarding the camping trip, Dylan loves it and notes that Sully seems to as well. Young and the Restless spoilers via We Love Soaps share that Dylan will take Sharon back to have her poison ivy checked. Mariah says she will stay at the campsite with Faith, and the two gals do some serious bonding during their alone time together. Sharon and Dylan will run into Abby as Stitch is tending to the poison ivy, and Abby will hold Sully for a bit.

Cane and Billy realized that Jill has been making side deals with each of them, and Young and Restless spoilers note that Cane will confront her about it. Jill will see Victoria and try to entice her to rejoin the company, but Victoria is resistant. She notes both that she doesn't want to have to work with Billy again, nor does she want to give her father what he seems to want by leaving Newman Enterprises.

Jill and Victoria will continue to talk, and Young and Restless spoilers indicate that Vikki will toss back drinks and end up a bit drunk. As they chat, Jill will manage to get Victoria worked up about Billy's supposed marketing ideas, which propels Vikki to head off to grab a taxi and say that she'll talk to Billy.

Abby and Stitch have been working on repairing their marriage, but they have had a hard time getting on the same page regarding trying for another baby. Young and the Restless spoilers detail that she will try to make plans for them to get away over the Labor Day weekend with Max, but as We Love Soaps notes, she will learn something that leaves her shocked. She will be upset and stunned when she learns that she is not listed as a family member where Max is receiving treatment.

Later, Abby will track Stitch down at the hospital and question him about the situation. Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that he will say that he simply doesn't want her to be involved in it all. In addition, he adds that after seeing her with Sully, he has realized that he isn't ready to try for another baby yet. While Abby will surely be disappointed by this, she tells her husband that she understands and that they'll move forward on it when they're both ready.

The Abbott-Winters Foundation board has gathered and Lily makes a motion to have Hilary removed from the board. Young and the Restless spoilers share that things will get quite ugly as this plays out. Lily tears into Hilary, and Phyllis joins in, accusing her of going after Jack to propel herself further. Billy will step up to defend Phyllis and Neil gets involved as well.

Ultimately, the vote to eject Hilary ends up being a tie, and before Jack can cast the final vote against her, she reveals that they will be putting together a settlement regarding the lawsuit tomorrow. This is enough to convince Jack to let her keep her seat, and Young and Restless spoilers note that after the meeting, Phyllis will reinforce to Billy that their affair is over as she is staying with Jack. Of course, the chances are that Billy is still not going to be giving up on this situation entirely, but he definitely faces an uphill battle.

Later at the bar, Cane will get caught up on the board meeting from Neil and Lily, and when Devon and Hilary show up, tempers flare again. Devon will question Hilary during a moment alone about why she waited until that desperate moment to be willing to agree to settle the suit, and he questions her priorities. She will end up telling him that he is her priority, but Young and Restless spoilers tease that there is more drama regarding Hilary on the way yet.

Phyllis will coo to Jack that they will remain strong together, and teasers indicate that Jill will be watching all of this. She will catch a moment with Phyllis and tell her that she was very convincing, and it sounds as if Phyllis will want to watch out for Jill. Victoria tracks down Billy in her drunken state and gives him a chuckle as he realizes that Jill has been manipulating her a bit.

Victoria and Billy will sit and reflect back on the time they spent sharing drinks in Jamaica, and he asks her to work with him to get Cane out of Brash and Sassy. Before things can go any further, she passes out on top of him. Young and the Restless spoilers hint that there is plenty more drama to come during the week of August 8, and fans will not want to miss any of the action ahead.

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