Ramona Singer Says She Tried To Warn Luann About Cheating Tom: ‘She Turns A Deaf Ear’

Ramona Singer is very critical of Luann de Lesseps’ relationship with Thomas D’Agostino. While Luann believes that the ladies are just jealous of her happiness because she has found her soul mate, Ramona happens to know Thomas because she has previously dated him.

During Wednesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York, Bravo aired an old clip from one of the first seasons, showing Thomas flirting with Singer. The two have gone on several dates, and it sounds like she thinks her co-star needs to be very critical of him.

According to a new Bravo report, Ramona Singer believes that D’Agostino is very guilty when it comes to cheating on Luann. And Singer claims that it is very obvious that he was very uncomfortable at his own engagement party. As it turns out, Singer has tried to warn Luann about his behavior, but she claims that she just doesn’t listen to her. Maybe de Lesseps can convince herself that Ramona is just trying to warn her because she’s jealous of the relationship.

“It is so clear that Tom has not been truthful. I have been saying this for weeks. Why would I or even Sonja say we were dating him/or being a friend with some benefits? Women don’t lie about these things! I especially have no reason to,” Ramona Singer explains on her blog for this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York, writing that she would not trust a man like D’Agostino, which is why they didn’t continue to date.

The Bravo cameras managed to capture some awkward conversations between Thomas and Sonja Morgan. Like Ramona Singer, Sonja has a past relationship with him, but their relationship was purely physical. Morgan was devastated when she learned that he was engaged to Luann, and Ramona Singer was trying to be a support system for her. Their co-star believes that the ladies are just upset that she’s happy and they are jealous.

“When he talked to Sonja he was especially uncomfortable! Did you see his response when she asked him to find a guy for her after he got married. He looked like a deer in headlights, because he has gotten caught in all of his own BS, that he can’t even get out of it,” Ramona Singer explains on her blog without going into too many details.

It is clear that Ramona doesn’t trust him as far as she can throw him. Even though Singer and de Lesseps have fought in the past and their friendship has been questionable over the years, it does sound like she wants to be there for her friend and warn her when she sees some red flags. Sadly, de Lesseps keeps turning a blind eye to all the red flags.

“As he became more comfortable, just watch his body language. That speaks thousands of words. At this point this is Luann’s problem, responsibility or whatever she may call it. She is an adult, yes, and she can make her own choices,” Ramona Singer explains on her blog, adding, “For some reason she is resisting hearing anything that went on prior to BL even if it overlapped with her time with Tom. So no matter what, how or how many times, she turns a deaf ear. None of this is about me! I don’t want to see her in pain or hurt by the type of guy Tom is.”

According to the Daily Mail, Bethenny Frankel received text messages from a friend who had spotted him out two days before his engagement party. During this outing, he had been making out with another woman. Bethenny will tell Luann this over the next couple of episodes, and she’s clearly upset by the news.

What do you think about Ramona Singer’s harsh comments about Tom? Do you think he can be trusted, and does he has Luann’s best interests at heart? Do you think the Countess needs to listen to Ramona, who is clearly very critical of him?

[Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for AT&T]