Jill Duggar’s Husband Rocks A Man Bun, The Hollywood Hairstyle That Was Mocked At The RNC

Jill Duggar’s husband has something in common with Jared Leto and Harry Styles. Derick Dillard’s reality show career hasn’t made him quite as famous as the Suicide Squad star and the “Story of My Life” singer, but Derick has gone Hollywood by embracing the man bun.

As People reports, Jill Duggar shared an Instagram photo of Derick Dillard’s immaculate man bun on Thursday. In the photo, Derick is playing with their son Israel in the kids’ area at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.


This isn’t the first time Jill Duggar has posted a picture or video of her husband with his long hair pulled back, but her Instagram followers freaked out because Derick’s bun is more visible than it is in some of the previous photos she’s shared. One of Jill’s fans didn’t even recognize the Counting On star’s spouse with his new hairstyle.

“Who da funk is that dude with blonde highlights and a man bun,” the confused commenter wrote.

Many of Jill Duggar’s followers remarked that they love Derick Dillard’s daring new hairstyle, but others think that it’s horrible and that Jill must hate it. One fan speculated that Jill will convince Derick to chop it off sometime in the near future.

“I think jill will do away with that man bun when they get home. I don’t think it’s her idea of sexy,” the man bun critic wrote.

A few of Jill’s followers also criticized Derick for rocking what they consider a “feminine” hairstyle.

“Man buns are disgusting and feminine! Does Jill approve of this!?!?” one commenter asked.

However, some of the biggest stars in Hollywood have helped make buns on men mainstream. As InStyle reports, Jared Leto, Harry Styles, Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Hemsworth, and Orlando Bloom are just a few of the many male celebrities who have been spotted sporting man buns.

Jared Leto Is A Man Bun Fan

Unfortunately for Derick, Hollywood’s affinity for the hairstyle has made it unpopular with some on the political right, and it’s safe to say that many fans of the ultra-conservative Duggar family fall into this category. In other words, a large number of Counting On viewers might not have a positive reaction to Derick’s man bun when it makes its big debut on the TLC reality series.

Conservatives dislike man buns so much that political commentator Laura Ingraham used the hairstyle as an insult during her speech at the Republican National Convention. As the Cut reports, Ingraham compared Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to the hairdo that has become popular with hipsters and Hollywood stars.

“Today, we have stagnating wages, skyrocketing health-care costs, doubling of the debt, the threat of ISIS, the rise of China,” Ingraham said.

“And Democrats’ answer in the face of all that is to nominate the woman who helped orchestrate America’s decline. Now think about it: that has to be some cruel joke like skinny jeans on men or man buns. That is a bad joke.”


Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have been in El Salvador on a mission trip, so it’s possible that they missed Laura Ingraham’s RNC speech. However, if their family members watched the event, they’ll be able to fill the couple in on all the highlights. Jill and Derick are likely back home in Arkansas by now, and they’re going to remain there for the next few months. According to a post on the Dillard Family website, the couple is excited about being home for “a short stateside term that will extend into the fall.”

This will give Jill and Derick plenty of time to chaperone a few of Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo’s dates with the TLC cameras in tow, and perhaps they’ll be filmed giving the engaged couple some of their favorite marriage advice. According to the Duggar Family Blog, they’ve already been counseling married couples in El Salvador.

Do you think Jill Duggar will chop Derick Dillard’s man bun off for the TLC cameras as soon as they get back to Arkansas? Sound off below!

[Image via Jill Duggar Dillard/Instagram]