‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Who Got Evicted Thursday Night From ‘BB18’ House?

Big Brother 18 spoilers for Thursday night (August 4) indicate who is leaving the BB18 house tonight. Bridgette Dunning and Da’Vonne Rogers are the two houseguests who were nominated for eviction this week, with Head of Household Paul Abrahamian stating he would be fine with either outcome. Da’Vonne was a replacement nominee after Paulie Calafiore won the Veto, forcing Paul to make a decision on who he might try to use the “backdoor” strategy on this summer. A report from fan site Big Brother Network lays out how the voting is likely to go on August 4.

To start with, Paul Abrahamian is working at getting people to vote out Da’Vonne Rogers. Paulie Calafiore has convinced him that this is the direction to go, with Victor Arroyo right on board with them. Paul and Paulie have also convinced Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks that now is the time to get Da’Vonne out of the BB18 house. That’s already four guaranteed votes against Da’Vonne, with Paul serving as the tie-breaker should the need arise on Thursday night.

The Big Brother 18 spoilers go on to explain that James Huling and Natalie Negrotti had “soured” on Da’Vonne and her mood in the BB18 house, turning them against her in the upcoming vote. Zakiyah Everette is aware of the plan to evict Da’Vonne, even though she continues to lie to her friend about what is about to take place. Michelle Meyer is the only real wild card, as she may not be aware that the plan shifted from Bridgette to Da’Vonne, but it’s also possible that she will just go with the group.

This leaves the vote total at 6-2, 7-1, or 8-0 on August 4, depending on which way Zakiyah and Michelle decide to go when they speak with host Julie Chen. This confirms a week of Big Brother 18 spoilers on the CBS live feeds, where the house was slowly starting to shift its focus from getting Bridgette Dunning out to eliminating Da’Vonne Rogers as quickly as possible. It likely also means that Da’Vonne will be the first member of the BB18 jury if they are going to have nine members on it again this summer.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, James Huling and Natalie Negrotti are very worried about becoming primary targets following the eviction of Da’Vonne. They have already discussed what they could do if they get placed on the block, with James and Natalie ready to continue campaigning to remain in the game. It would be a bold move for another houseguest to target this showmance, but not entirely surprising with how the summer 2016 season has progressed. It’s even more of a possibility if a double eviction takes place Thursday night.

There is a big potential for a lot of drama to come to the BB18 house next week. Paulie Calafiore has stated that he wants to nominate Zakiyah Everette for eviction if he wins the HOH, but he may have lied to Paul Abrahamian when he made that statement. Zakiyah certainly wants James Huling out of the house if she wins the HOH, and anything could happen if Bridgette Dunning finds a way to secure safety for the next week. The scenario that might be the most interesting to fans watching on the live feeds would be for Michelle Meyer to win HOH on a double eviction night.

The “live” eviction takes place at 9 p.m. PT/ET on Thursday, August 4, with either Bridgette Dunning or Da’Vonne Rogers getting sent to their one-on-one meeting with Julie Chen. The twist is that the evicted lady could be coming back through the Return Ticket idea that was brought to the BB18 house this season. While Da’Vonne seems like the person getting evicted this week, future Big Brother 18 spoilers will be needed to figure out the person evicted after her. A live recap of the Thursday night episode can be found here.

[Photo by CBS Big Brother/Twitter]