Jay Cutler Stinks! Stephen A. Smith Rips Chicago Bears Quarterback Over Martellus Bennett Feud [VIDEO]

It’s never been a secret that Stephen A. Smith thinks Jay Cutler is overrated as quarterback of the Chicago Bears. The First Take host has often ranted about Cutler and told viewers how much he thinks Jay Cutler stinks. Thursday’s rant wasn’t even the first time Smith has talked about how much he hates the Bears QB and it certainly won’t be the last. This time, though, it came on the heels of Martellus Bennett’s departure from the team after making his own comments about a growing Cutler feud.

Recently, Martellus Bennett, and his brother, Michael, made a few off-hand comments about Cutler in a recent interview with ESPN. When asked about the Bears QB, Michael commented that Cutler was “the worst quarterback in the NFL.”

That’s when Martellus Bennett chimed in and said of his former quarterback, “I’d be open and he’d throw into double coverage.”

The Chicago Tribune reported that Jay Cutler chose to take the high road rather than get into a feud with Martellus Bennett after he left the team. That doesn’t mean that he didn’t respond though, because Cutler actually did take one last dig at Bennett. When asked about Bennett’s recent criticism, Cutler said, “Most receivers and tight ends are always open. Hopefully, Tom can do a better job of finding him than I did.”

As soon as the Jay Cutler feud with Martellus Bennett started brewing, Stephen A. Smith had to have been dying to take a few more shots at his least-favorite quarterback. As Smith explained why he thinks Cutler is such a sub-par quarterback, he got increasingly excited and fans knew this would be a Jay Cutler rant for the ages.

“He stinks and that’s the bottom line,” Stephen A. Smith proclaimed. “And he stinks because he has no leadership abilities. He does not inspire. He does not galvanize. He does not bring people together…”

Smith went on to rant that nobody gets along with Cutler and that’s exactly why the Chicago Bears hired an offensive coordinator who has a relationship with their quarterback already. The First Take host pointed out that only Brandon Marshall ever has anything nice to say about Cutler and his time playing with the often-criticized quarterback. Smith even charged that Marshall’s credibility has taken a hit because he comes to Cutler’s defense so often.

“He stinks! He doesn’t need to be anybody’s starting quarterback and it’s a damn shame that he’s a topic on this show because Jay Cutler stinks! Period.”

Max Kellerman conceded to Stephen A. Smith that Jay was definitely not ranked as one of the best quarterbacks, but he wouldn’t agree that the Bears QB was the absolute worst. The two First Take hosts went back and forth a bit about who might actually be worse with Nick Foles’ name getting thrown out there among a few other notable disappointments.

Stephen A. Smith even said that he wasn’t claiming that Jay Cutler had no athletic ability. However, Smith said that his inability to lead the Chicago Bears just proves that he’s not a good quarterback. He also charged that Cutler tried to blame many of his disappointments on his health, yet that doesn’t work for Smith, who continues to argue that Jay Cutler is the worst quarterback in football.

“Tom Brady on crutches could throw better than Jay Cutler.”

Stephen A. Smith said that First Take was supposed to tape in Chicago a few days prior but they didn’t end up meeting up with the Bears team. Smith said that he believes the appearance was canceled because the Chicago Bears didn’t want Stephen A. in Chicago because if he came face-to-face with Jay Cutler, he would tell him to his face that he stinks.

“He is stealing money from the Chicago Bears. Stealing money! He should be arrested for theft!” Smith ripped into the Chicago Bears quarterback before First Take had to change gears and get the upset host to calm back down.

Do you agree with Stephen A. Smith that Jay Cutler stinks and is the worst quarterback in football? Tell us what you think of his recent rant on First Take in the comments section below.

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