'90 Day Fiance' Season 5 Recap: Nicole & Azan Get Into A Huge Fight, Molly & Luis Have Wild Parties

Last night on 90 Day Fiance Season 5, the drama escalated starting with Nicole and Azan's major fight. Meanwhile, David was forced to deal with his drinking problem; and Molly and Luis went wild with their bachelorette/bachelor parties. Missed the episode? Read on for our full recap below!

Nicole & Azan

Nicole and Azan are caught by 90 Day Fiance producers fighting before filming for the day begins. Amid Nicole's shouting and tears, it is difficult to understand what the two are arguing about. After more screaming and crying, Nicole walks out and goes to the crew's van. There, she vents out that Azan is always insulting her and doesn't stand up for her.

"I swear to God, he can't even look at me as a single person, I'm just a bunch of dumb Americans," Nicole says in between tears.

"I say Donald Trump is our president, I'm a f****** racist. I say something about the moonlight DVDs, I'm making fun of their culture!"
Nicole admits that their problems started when she cheated on Azan. She's obviously regretting her past decisions, but she's upset that Azan cannot get over it.
"I know I made mistakes, but I wish he would just try. It's not fair for him to be distrustful and disrespectful to me just because of what I did."
Meanwhile, their epic fight is brewing, Nicole's 2-year-old daughter May is nowhere in sight.

Evelyn & David

With their wedding getting near, David is still not sold on the idea of staying in New Hampshire. He wants to live in a big city, but 18-year-old Evelyn wants to stay close to her family. Evelyn calls him an "elitist."

Later, Evelyn makes a cultural fumble when she takes her fiancé to a Mexican restaurant for a dinner. David notes that he is Spanish, not Mexican.

Josh & Aika

Aika is still hell-bent on getting a new engagement ring from Josh, not the recycled one he previously gave her. However, Josh is mulling over the fact that he's already spent a lot of money for his 36-year-old fiancée to be able to come to America.

Josh hangs out with his friend Joe in a shooting range. Joe feels that Josh's fiancée from the Philippines is not trustworthy, and he straight-up tells this to Aika.

Molly & Luis

After spending time with Molly and her two daughters, Luis is starting to miss his single life. He realizes that he's not cut out to be a father yet, which saddens Molly.

But the couple pushes through with their wedding plans. It's time for their separate bachelor and bachelorette parties, which turn out to be a wild night for the both of them. Molly goes to a drag queen club and gets crazy with her girlfriends.

Meanwhile, Luis goes to a strip club. But his fun is cut short when Molly suddenly calls him and demands for him to come home.

Elizabeth & Andrei

It's also Elizabeth's bachelorette party but unlike Molly's, the 27-year-old wants hers to be a little tamer. Elizabeth's girlfriends insist on giving her a fun night out, but the reality star says she wants to respect her conservative fiancé.

David & Annie

Now in the U.S. and crashing with their David's friends, 24-year-old Annie is starting to see David's real life. She's concerned about his drinking, but the 48-year-old divorcee doesn't think it's a problem.Nikki, the owner of the house and wife of Chris (David's friend), also feels that David is drinking way more than he should. She and her brother Antonio advise Annie to do something.

"He [doesn't] think he has a problem. He thinks he's fine," the Thai native worriedly says.

Tension erupts when a seemingly drunk David overhears their conversation and remarks that Antonio wants to sleep with Chris. Naturally, Antonio fumes over David's drunken remark.

90 Day Fiance Season 5 airs every Sunday, 9 p.m. on TLC.

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