‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry Meant To Be Alone? Estranged Husband Javi Marroquin Has Already Moved On

Kailyn Lowry reached a new low this week.

The Teen Mom 2 star posted a few depressing messages on Twitter over the past couple of days. Is she down in the dumps because of her breakup with Javi Marroquin?

According to In Touch Weekly, Lowry began her strange Twitter rant by saying, “I think I’m meant to be alone.” The reality star later admitted that she struggles with relationships.

“If I don’t push someone away, they leave on their own,” she wrote on Twitter.

Fans were quick to express their support and worry for Lowry, who assured them everything is fine.

“Completely fine and I accept if 100%,” she told her Twitter followers.

Lowry’s relationship problems have been shown throughout her time on Teen Mom 2. Along with her failed marriage with Marroquin, Lowry went through an emotional breakup with Jo Rivera. Rivera and Lowry had one son together, Isaac (6), before calling it quits.

Kailyn Lowry's BFF Speaks Out, Claims She Did Not Wreck 'Teen Mom 2' Star's Marriage To Javi Marroquin [Image via MTV]
Lowry eventually moved on and met Marroquin. The couple has been married for four years now and have one child together, Lincoln.

Unfortunately, Lowry confirmed her plans to divorce Marroquin this past May.

Meanwhile, RadarOnline is reporting that Marroquin has already moved on from Lowry.

Marroquin just returned home from overseas deployment and was caught flirting with another woman on social media.

“Drake in a few weeks,” a lady named Giaavas wrote on Twitter.

“Ayyy I’ll be there!” Marroquin answered.

The mystery woman then wrote, “Maybe I’ll see you then!”

The two proceeded to talk about tailgating before the concert, which Marroquin agreed was a good idea.

They also discussed working out, with Marroquin telling her to “hit a crossfire workout.”

Marroquin’s plans with the mystery woman came right after he arrived home after a deployment in the Air Force.

Their romance hasn’t been confirmed, but it looks like Marroquin is already moving on with life.

Some close friends picked up Marroquin from the airport but his wife and kids were nowhere in sight. However, Marroquin surprised his boys the following morning.

“He flew into an airport an hour away from the house late at night,” an insider revealed. “She knew the kids would be grumpy if they were woken up in the car and she wanted them to be super excited to see Javi and not in a bad mood from being tired. Plus, Javi’s friends had already planned to pick him up and his friends don’t like Kail.”

Perez Hilton is reporting that Marroquin later posted a reunion photo on Instagram with his two sons. Clearly, his boys were thrilled about seeing their daddy.

“My world in one picture,” Marroquin wrote alongside the pic.

Shortly after Marroquin’s return, Kailyn Lowry started posting her depressing messages.

For now, it doesn’t look like Lowry and Marroquin are going to work things out. Instead, they are focusing on the well-being of their two sons.

That being said, Radar Online is reporting that Marroquin’s relationship with Isaac might take a hit because of the divorce.

Marroquin’s youngest son, Lincoln, was the only one who spent the night with him after he returned home.

The next morning, Marroquin took Lincoln out for a special breakfast without Isaac.

“Since there’s a custody agreement with Kail and Jo for Isaac, it depends on what days they decide to have Lincoln with Javi,” an insider explained. “He’ll definitely get to visit Javi, but it gets a little more complicated if it works for to be when Jo has Isaac.”

While Marroquin isn’t Isaac’s biological father, he does have a strong bond with him.

“They are very close and Isaac looks at Javi like a father figure,” the insider continued. “They will always treat the boys the same as they do now.”

Thankfully, the two boys already know about the divorce and have taken the news as well as can be expected.

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[Image via MTV]