Jessica Simpson And Her Undying Love For Her Breasts

Jessica Simpson recently revealed why she is in love with her breasts so much.

The “Take My Breath Away” singer is known for her astounding voice, music, commercials, her own line of beauty products, shoes, and last but the not the least – her breasts.

There was earlier speculation that the Texas-born singer is quietly obsessed with her own breasts and does not miss any single moment to flaunt them. Earlier this year, she was spotted busting out of her pink patterned bikini with a white gauze cover-up and a denim Daisy Dukes.

There were reports that Simpson had implanted silicon into her breasts and become obsessed with them. An insider revealed to OK! Magazine that the “Do You Know” singer underwent a breast-implant operation, as she was not satisfied with the way she looked after giving birth to her two children, Maxwell and Ace.

“She’s constantly asking if her boobs look good in what she’s wearing. It’s getting boring. She plans to get a lift as soon as possible. Maybe then she’ll stop obsessing.”

However, soon after, Gossip Cop reported that OK! Magazine’s claims are not true and the singer/musician is not obsessed with her breasts.

Contrary to this, plastic surgeon Dr. Lyle has revealed that he studied Simpson’s breasts at the Tom Everhart “Raw” exhibit and claimed that she looks to be a 38EE, but now she is trying her best to again come into the limelight.

“She’s like a retired pro athlete who used to live in the limelight. She’s craving for the spotlight again and these enhancements are certainly attention grabbers!”

When Simpson found out about all these rumors, she responded by uploading a photo of herself on her Instagram feed. In the picture, she is seen wearing a neon one-piece swimsuit that reads “Caution Dangerous Curves” across her chest and stomach.

“Enough said @nicolechavezstyle #thecape @kathrynsykorahomedesign @thecapehotel,” she wrote in the caption.

Apart from all this speculation, the actress herself made it clear her affection towards her breasts, and how she really feels about them.

“My boobs just have their own life, they have a way of making themselves present,” she explained. “I thought I was going to get a breast reduction.”

In the cover story of September issue of Women’s Health magazine, Simpson revealed that after pregnancy she thought of getting her breasts reduced, but eventually she accepted that they are her assets and she really enjoys them.

“After having kids, I look at myself and I’m like, you know what, my boobs are actually really big, but I like how they are,” she said. “They’re an asset, and Eric loves them still.”

The mother of two also revealed that when it comes to weight, the media takes a very strong interest in the lives of celebrities, which one way or the other is not healthy journalism.

“I can’t sit here and say I don’t notice it. I will never understand why people take someone down for what you look like. If I had a character flaw, take me down. But a body flaw? That’s not important.”

Becoming a mother has also empowered the singer in more ways than one.

“It’s about loving who you are and what you can create and who you can be,” she added. “If I take a selfie and I filter it and look great, that’s not real. What is real is having a daughter look up to you.”

Do you think that Jessica Simpson should reduce her breasts due to their size? Or like her, do you like them the way the are? Tell us in the comments section.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]