‘Final Fantasy 15’ PS4, Xbox One Release: Six DLC Packs Incoming, One Set For Holiday Launch?

The highly-anticipated Final Fantasy 15 release for the PS4 and Xbox consoles is all set next month, and some information about the game’s Season Pass recently showed up.

The North American site of the PS Store unveiled the FFXV’s Season Pass page, although it is currently not bearing any juicy specifics about what to expect from it. The good thing though is that the Season Pass listing for Square Enix’ action RPG is now live as well on the Japanese PlayStation Store, and it comes with more details that could help keep the excitement and curiosity of the fans alive.

Ahead of the official PS4 and Xbox One release of Final Fantasy 15, fans can now anticipate six DLC packs arriving for the game. The English-translated Season Pass listing for FFXV revealed that there will be a “completely new original episode that will be delivered after the main launch.” There’s also a “new mode” mentioned in the PlayStation Store listing.

Final Fantasy 15 Release Set For Next Month

The release schedule for each of the six Final Fantasy 15 DLC packs was not revealed, but it seems like a new content might arrive in time for the holidays. Giuseppe Nelva of Dual Shockers noted that one of the Final Fantasy 15 DLC packs might possibly get a December launch. Even though not many details have been provided in the PS Store page for the game’s Season Pass, one of the names of the DLC pack listed on the site — Holiday Pack (DLC #3) — is enough to serve as a hint that it might be set for release at some point during the holiday season.

During E3 2016, the Final Fantasy 15 director talked about the game’s development, the PS4 and Xbox One release, and their plans for its DLC. As posted on Gematsu, Hajime Tabata noted:

“We’re in a state where we’ve pretty much finalized our DLC plans, and our concept for all of our DLC is to make sure that fans who bought the game and played it feel like they’ve made a great purchase.”

He also shared that costumes and new story content can be expected from Final Fantasy 15 in addition to “things that don’t fall into those categories that fans will be excited to see.”

Speaking of the new story content, it is feasible that it will arrive via the three of the six DLC packs listed on FFXV’s Season Pass listing. According to PlayStation Lifestyle, even though nothing has been confirmed yet, it is likely that the three Episode packs (Episode Gladiolus (DLC #2), Episode Ignis (DLC #4), Episode Prompto (DLC #5)) are the additional story content to expect from the game.

Final Fantasy 15 Release Next Month

Other DLC packs included in Final Fantasy 15’s Season Pass, according to the PS Store listing, are Booster Pack (DLC #1) and Expansion Pack (DLC #6).

Before the worldwide PS4 and Xbox One release of Final Fantasy 15 on September 30, there is going to be an FFXV event happening next week. The report from PlayStation Lifestyle noted that in celebration of the theatrical and digital release of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV this month, Square Enix is going to hold a Kingsglaive Special Active Time Report scheduled for August 8 from 21:00 to 22:00 JST on YouTube and Niconico Live. It will feature pertinent people behind Final Fantasy 15, including the game director Hajime Tabata, movie directorTakeshi Nozue, and marketing manager Akio Oofuji.

Meanwhile, here’s the Final Fantasy XV Universe trailer, which showcases the components that make up the game’s world, including games, anime and a full-length movie.

Going back to the Final Fantasy 15 Season Pass, it will reportedly cost $24.99 in the US and 2,700 yen in Japan. No information about the pricing for each planned DLC release as a standalone purchase has been disclosed yet.

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