Will Donald Trump Lose The Election Because He Can’t Stop Talking?

Donald Trump won’t stop talking, and it raises the question whether it will cause him to lose the election. From the start of Trump’s campaign, the billionaire has uttered one offensive statement after another. In fact, if there’s anything the voting public can expect during the election season, it’s that Donald Trump will say something offensive. His comments to fellow candidates, opponents, women, Muslims, Gold Star parents grieving the loss of their son, and even a reporter with a disability has left the entire nation with their mouths gaping wide. What might be most interesting to note is that Donald Trump could lose the election, not for the things he has done, but rather for the things he says. Why is it so hard for Donald Trump to just stop talking?

CNN asked whether Donald Trump had “gone too far” with his backlash against the parents of a U.S. Muslim soldier killed in combat. Khizr and Ghazala Khan appeared at the Democratic National Convention, and Khizr shared his opinions on why he supported Hillary Clinton.

The remarks were met with welcome, by not only Democrats but many Republicans, as well. They didn’t sit well with Donald Trump. Instead of finding a moment to show compassion or even extend a white flag to the U.S. Muslim community, Trump went on a media blitz making offensive statements not only about U.S. Muslims but insinuated that Ghazala Khan may have been prohibited from freely speaking at the DNC due to her religious beliefs. The comments are shocking, but not surprising when you listen to everything Donald Trump has said. Did Donald Trump miss the greatest opportunity to show sorrow and compassion for fallen U.S. soldiers and extend an olive branch to Muslims in the United States who not only fight for this nation, but die for it as well?

Was it so hard for Donald Trump to simply say, “I’m sorry for your loss. Your son is a hero,” then drop the topic and move on? According to a report by ABC News, Donald Trump was quoted as saying that receiving the Purple Heart as a gift is much easier than being awarded it for being wounded during military service.

Editor of Wikileaks Julian Assange is on a rampage against Hillary Clinton and her run for the Oval Office. He has promised to unleash more documents proving that while Clinton was Secretary of State, she funded ISIS by providing them with weapons and money. The growing scandals surrounding Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee has caused numerous Democrats to take a second look at their nominee and opt for another candidate, whether Green or Libertarian. Julian Assange promises to release more documents and evidence proving that she was involved in illegal activities. One would think that with such scandal, the election would be handed to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is not a politician. He has never voted on a war, been part of an attack on a foreign country, instituted policies that destabilized nations, been shown to have exhibited behaviors that caused his opponents to be treated unfairly during the campaign. Trump has run his campaign with the theme of “Crooked Hillary,” and when Julian Assange and WikiLeaks burst onto the scene with proof that yes, Hillary Clinton is crooked, he didn’t take advantage of the card he was dealt. He didn’t play it, but instead, ripped it to shreds, threw it in the trash and then made additional comments that would draw more scrutiny to his own character.

Donald Trump is not a politician and has no legacy of questionable actions in the political field. Yet he single handedly destroys himself, his campaign, and his reputation by refusing to simply be quiet. If Donald Trump could stop talking and start saying appropriate things, he might win over many supporters. But it seems he is incapable of doing so. And as much as people do not like Hillary Clinton, it seems they have less tolerance for someone who wants to rule the country, but can’t even rule his own mouth.

[Photo by John Moore/Getty Images]