Jules Wainstein Admits Being ‘Devastated’ As She Watches ‘RHONY’ Air Amid Her Divorce

Jules Wainstein is the newbie on The Real Housewives of New York. At first, it didn’t appear that she would have much to offer during her freshman season. Wainstein is married to a businessman, and together they share two sons. It was basically another body to fill the spots vacated by previous women who decided reality television was no longer for them. Now that fans have gotten to know Jules, it seems she was the perfect choice to bring drama and attention to The Real Housewives of New York.

It was announced just a few weeks ago that Michael Wainstein filed for divorce from his wife, Jules. The paperwork went in on July 15, and that is when everything about their marriage came out. Fans have been noticing things that didn’t add up about Michael, but Jules didn’t seem overly bothered until she was in Miami and got a heartbreaking call from her oldest son, Jagger.

According to All About the Tea, Jules Wainstein is having a hard time watching The Real Housewives of New York and being reminded of what she went through. Her husband had allegedly been cheating on her for quite some time and, once the divorce papers were filed, decided to take their relationship public.

There were some unkind words said about Jules Wainstein during this season of The Real Housewives of New York. Initially, she connected with Bethenny Frankel when she shared her struggle with an eating disorder. The two seemed to be a match made in heaven despite only having a few conversations. As it turns out, Frankel flipped on her faster than anyone could have predicted.

Carole Radziwill joined in on the questioning of Wainstein, poking fun at her during the pizza-making outing. The two “mean girls” kept teasing her and making unwelcome comments, but it didn’t seem to faze Jules too badly. She had just been recovering from an accident that injured her ladyparts and was taking some very heavy painkillers.

The Real Housewives of New York reunion is said to be intense, and Jules Wainstein will get to experience her first taste of the women and their over-the-top drama.

It was announced that Wainstein was not going to be asked back to the show for Season 9. While it was unclear what the reasoning was behind the decision Bravo made, Jules is at peace with it. There is going to be a lot going on for her in the future, especially with the divorce. Filming another season of the reality show wouldn’t have been in her best interest.

As her life changes over the next several months and years, Jules Wainstein is going to have to move forward with strength. The situation is devastating for her, especially as she watches her children suffer from missing their father. Michael Wainstein allegedly left the children with the nanny so he could be out with his mistress while his wife was celebrating LuAnn de Lesseps’ engagement in Miami. She now has to watch each episode back and think about what she missed and how she wasn’t able to figure out what he had been up to.

It won’t be an easy road for Wainstein, especially during the divorce proceedings. Fans are hoping she will be able to overcome this obstacle without going back to unhealthy habits. There is so much to look forward to with her children, and she is hopeful about what the future will bring. Despite not being a Bravo housewife anymore, her co-stars have spoken out in support of Jules. It may have been only a chapter in her life, but Jules Wainstein has found some friends who will remain in her life even after the storm passes.

[Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images]