WWE News: WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt Injured During ‘WWE SmackDown Live’ Match With Dolph Ziggler

WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt has been considered one of the top young stars in the business. While he may come across as being older, the man is only 29-years-old, which he just turned back in May. Clearly, there is a huge future with him, and his character has taken off very well over the last few years. On top of this, it seems that WWE is happily beginning to bring back the original Wyatt Family, with Erick Rowan on SmackDown Live with Bray and Luke Harper yet to be drafted, meaning an SD Live attachment is all but confirmed.

With the Wyatt Family returning and Bray Wyatt on a brand where he can shine a lot more, it makes sense that he would be added to the top of the card. WWE is certainly going to plan something big for Bray, but the problem with using him over the last year or so is that he has been injury prone. This was confirmed last night as it appeared during the SmackDown Live broadcast that Wyatt was hurt during his main event match with Dolph Ziggler.

According to Ringside News, after SmackDown went to commercial, the “X” sign was held up after Wyatt went down with what appeared to be a leg injury of some sort. Apparently, Bray rolled his ankle during the first part of the bout, and WWE saw that they could go to commercial to give the medical team enough time to check him out. The correspondent for RSN claims that Wyatt was visibly upset about the ordeal the entire match and would push away medical help when they attempted to tend to him.

Wyatt SD Live
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The ankle issue obviously bothered him throughout the match, and you could tell watching that he wasn’t the same as normal. Bray Wyatt was able to do the job he had to do and was great in the match with Ziggler, as all fans expected him to be. Right now, there is no telling if Wyatt caused more harm to his ankle or if the simple roll was all that occurred. If he has a sprain or something similar, he’ll miss a little time. A roll would only miss a week max — if that.

With Wyatt not being added to the WWE SummerSlam card as of yet, he could miss the next several weeks with no storyline issues. While it does seem that WWE was trying to set up a tag team match for next week’s SmackDown Live program, with Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan facing Dolph Ziggler and WWE World Champion Dean Ambrose, they could always scrap that and add in a singles match with Rowan and Ziggler instead.

The real issue here is what this could do to Bray’s stock in the WWE. This year alone, he has dealt with a back and calf injury on two different occasions, and now a possible ankle injury is looming. While there are no major specifics on his current injury, the other two kept him out of action for a large chunk of time. While he was able to be with the family for the back issue, they kept him off television altogether with the calf injury.

Wyatt's WrestleMania
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Bray Wyatt might be great and he may be just 29-years-old, but if he continues to get hurt, he’ll never taste gold in WWE. Interestingly, seemingly everyone debuting and remaining a consistent part of the main roster since Bray Wyatt debuted has become a champion of time kind, barring Erick Rowan. In fact, family member Luke Harper held the WWE Intercontinental Title at least once.

Wyatt having yet to taste gold certain doesn’t make sense, but if he ever wants to, he will surely need to stay healthy. Otherwise, it will be a Mr. Kennedy situation all over again, where a talent has everything you could want in a top star but can never stay healthy long enough to sustain a top role. Bray Wyatt is too good for this to occur, but his injuries may end up costing him if he’s not careful. In the pro-wrestling world, being careful is by no means easy. However, Wyatt may never reach the mountain top if he continues to get hurt.

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