‘Basketball Wives LA’ Star Angel Brinks Dishes To Tami Roman About Malaysia Pargo’s ‘Tacky’ Pop-Up

Last week on Basketball Wives LA, Malaysia Pargo proved that she is still there for Brandi Maxiell when she rolled up to Angel Brinks’ party in sweats and sneakers ready to fight. After the shocking display by Malaysia, Angel ended up spending some time with Tami Roman, where she dishes to her friend about what a huge scene Malaysia made outside of the event.

After Malaysia’s pop-up at Angel’s event, it looks like the two women will never be friends again. Tami didn’t see the drama unfold because she ended up leaving earlier in the night. Tami lamented that she wished she had stuck around and that she always misses out on the good stuff.

In the web exclusive clip posted by VH1, Tami Roman and Angel Brinks can be seen playing pool and sipping on tea while Angel spills all the tea from some huge drama that Tami ended up missing.

“Girl, she came in sweats and sneakers,” Angel said.

Angel told Tami how Malaysia Pargo pulled up in her white SUV and parked in the middle of the street, right next to her own car. Then, with traffic backed up behind her, Malaysia hopped out of her vehicle, ready to beat whoever was bothering Brandi Maxiell that night. She knew it was one of the Angels who had been bickering with her Basketball Wives LA best friend that night, but she wasn’t sure if it was Angel Brinks or Angel Love.

Apparently, Malaysia wasn’t skipping out on the event, she was just never invited. That alone would be more fuel to add to her feud with Angel that should never have even happened.

“There’s media outside… There’s cameras… Don’t do that,” Brinks said. “It’s very inappropriate… very tacky for Malaysia to pop up at my party… Uninvited, unsuspectedly.”

Of course, Malaysia Pargo didn’t beat anyone up outside of Angel Brinks’ event. Instead, she got all the Basketball Wives LA women to come outside to see what all the commotion was about. Almost immediately, Jackie Christie inserted herself in the drama and had to have a little one-on-one with Malaysia before she spoke to Brandi Maxiell and then briefly with Angel, who looked completely stunned that her frenemy had shown up.

It’s no secret that Malaysia is very scrappy. She got into an altercation during Season 1 of BBWLA with Laura Govan and gave her a black eye. She was also credited with stepping in during the Season 3 when Sundy Carter and Draya Michele were fighting. Even though Draya took credit for Sundy’s black eye, it is well-known that it was actually Malaysia who threw that punch.

“I’m not gonna stand there I’m gonna scrap with her.”

It was during her meeting with Tami Roman that Angel Brinks said she is going to have to stay ready when Malaysia is around. Tami asked Angel what she would do if Malaysia challenged her to a fight, and her response is that she would definitely fight back. That might get interesting since even Pargo had a good laugh at the idea that Angel would try to step up to her. Malaysia outsizes the clothing designer, and she is pretty ruthless. It’s pretty clear that while Angel might not want to back down, she doesn’t really stand a chance either.

Be sure to check out the new Basketball Wives LA sneak peek where Angel Brinks tells Tami Roman all about Malaysia Pargo’s “tacky” pop up during her event. Do you think Angel and Malaysia will get physical during Season 5 of BBWLA? Tell us what you think of Angel’s intentions to fight back in the comments section below.

Basketball Wives LA airs Sundays at 8/7c on VH1.

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