Hillary Clinton Exposed: Clinton Isn't A Warmonger, She's The Only Thing Standing Between The U.S. And Someone Who Is

You've seen the "Hillary Clinton Exposed" headlines, stories that claim to have concrete evidence of Hillary Clinton as the great warmonger of our age. The Democratic nominee is regularly bombarded with stories from the left and right that paint her as a ruthless warmonger. However, the truth is, she isn't. Instead of being a danger to world peace, Hillary Clinton is the only person who stands between the United States and a leader who is very much the ruthless warmonger that many claim Clinton to be.

Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, it's hard to find a nation that Donald Trump hasn't offended in some way or another. Trump has proven himself as a leader with very little time for diplomacy, and that could very well shape the United States' future foreign policy.

Hillary Clinton's Republican Rival; Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton's Republican Rival; Donald Trump [Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]According to the South China Morning Post, since launching his presidential campaign last year, Donald Trump has managed to insult many of Europe's key leaders in some way or another, with many of those leaders now openly supporting Hillary Clinton's election as the next president. Both Germany and the United Kingdom are now led by female leaders, Angela Merkel and Theresa May. It's definitely hard to envisage how Trump could work with two of the world's most powerful leaders considering his previous comments about women.

However, it's NATO that has the most to lose from a Donald Trump presidency. According to the Inquisitr, Donald Trump has already threatened to put an end to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as we know it. NATO heavily relies on the United States in order to remain the strongest military alliance on the planet and, under Donald Trump, the US would simply refuse to fulfill many of its NATO obligations, leaving a clear path for Russian President Vladimir Putin to reek havoc in Eastern Europe without repercussion.

The end to NATO will be further coupled with an end to the long-lasting "special relationship" between the United States and the United Kingdom. With Donald Trump's comments about Muslims and other minorities taken into account, many key leaders in the UK have already expressed distaste about working with Trump.


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With Donald Trump's approach to foreign policy all but proven to be a disaster on the horizon, there's only one thing standing in the way now, and that's Hillary Clinton. According to BBC News, Hillary Clinton's approach to foreign policy would be vastly different to that of Donald Trump. When it comes to her approach to foreign policy, Clinton is already a known quantity.

Hillary Clinton is arguably best known as a former Secretary of State under President Obama's administration. With that in mind, there's one key to Hillary Clinton's foreign policy, and that's continuity. While Clinton may take something more of an activist approach when it comes to issues like Syria, she already has strong ties to leaders across the globe, with most of them, excluding Russian president Vladimir Putin, more than happy to work with Clinton.

Yes, Hillary Clinton has been exposed. She's been exposed as a savvy diplomatic operator and the polar opposite of Donald Trump when it comes to foreign policy. Hillary Clinton is by no means a warmonger, in fact, she's the only thing that stands between the United States and someone who embodies exactly what a warmonger is. With that in mind, it's imperative for global security that the United States chooses Hillary Clinton as its next leader and not the warmongering Donald Trump.

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