T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III Customers To Receive Free ‘The Avengers’ Movie

The Samsung Galaxy S III is getting the Marvel Comics treatment. T-Mobile on Thursday announced that all new customers purchasing the Google Android based smartphone will receive a copy of The Avengers at no additional charge.

The free movie download will arrive on September 25, the same day the movie will be made available on DVD and Blu-ray. The movie will be made available to new and existing T-Mobile customers who pick up the Galaxy S III.

T-Mobile and Samsung are celebrating the release of AllShare Cast and the AllShare Cast Wireless Hub over the carrier’s 4G network.

Once the device is purchased and September 25 rolls around customers can download The Avengers through the Samsung Media Hub on their smartphone.

The AllShare Cast Wirless Hub passed FCC approval in April and connects to any HDMI-capable TV. The hub allows users to share videos from their phone to a larger display. Customers interested in pickup up the hub can do so on September 24 at a cost of $100.

As a fan of “content on the go” I can’t wait to try out the Media Hub and as it turns out my upgrade becomes available right around that time.

Samsung is literally trying everything to take on Apple, recently released a print ad that showcased why the Galaxy S III is better than the iPhone 5.

Do you think The Avengers download will allow Samsung to pick up more sales in the midst of the Apple iPhone 5 release? Or will Apple’s new device which arrives tomorrow be too much for the Samsung Galaxy S III to handle?