Orlando Bloom Gives Miranda Kerr’s Engagement His Blessing: Is He Planning A Proposal Of His Own?

Orlando Bloom has only warm words for his ex Miranda Kerr amid her engagement to Evan Spiegel, according to E! Online. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor, meanwhile, is rumored to have plans for an engagement of his own to his current girlfriend Katy Perry.

Kerr announced last week that her 26-year-old billionaire boyfriend, who is a co-founder of Snapchat, proposed to her and that she accepted a giant, expensive engagement ring. Orlando Bloom and the 33-year-old supermodel have one child together, their five-year-old son Flynn.

Orlando Bloom and Kerr wed in 2010, but the two called it quits three years later, in 2013. But a source told E! Online that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor is on friendly terms with Kerr and that he is “happy” for her engagement with Spiegel.

“Orlando is happy for Miranda. He spoke with and congratulated her.”

Kerr and Spiegel have been living together for a while now, and it appears that the two had planned their engagement two weeks before the Snapchat co-founder popped the question. The source also revealed that Orlando Bloom’s ex and Spiegel are planning an engagement party in Los Angeles, to which all their close friends and family would be invited.

In 2014, months after their split, Kerr and Orlando Bloom made headlines after their red carpet appearance at a post-Oscars party. The duo then had a sweet moment together, and everyone wondered if the two could be together again.

But sources close to Orlando Bloom and Kerr say the two are now “cool with each other.” Moreover, what matters for Bloom is that Spiegel treats his son well, the source added, saying that the Snapchat co-founder is “very much a part of Flynn’s life.”

But even though Spiegel “loves” him, as said by the sources, he and Kerr haven’t talked to Orlando Bloom and the supermodel’s child about their engagement because he is too small to understand what it means.

The same source revealed that Flynn may soon have more than just one step-parent, as Orlando Bloom also has plans to propose to his girlfriend Katy Perry and even “have more kids” in the future.

Orlando Bloom and Perry began dating earlier this year, and the “Roar” singer has already been introduced to Flynn. And even though both the actor and the singer have been silent about their relationship, Perry did confirm their relationship on Instagram earlier this year.

Kerr, meanwhile, is happy for Orlando Bloom’s romance with Perry, according to a source close to the supermodel. And just as in Bloom’s case, Kerr is happy that their child is “happy” with the romance between the Pirates of the Caribbean actor and the singer.

Speaking of Pirates of the Caribbean, the next installment of the hit franchise will be centered on Orlando Bloom’s character, according to Movie News Guide. It appears that Johnny Depp and his iconic Jack Sparrow character won’t be the sole focus of Pirates of the Caribbean 5.

As Disney is planning a reboot of Pirates of the Caribbean instead of a sequel, Orlando Bloom’s character named Will Turner will be the focus of the new film. Bloom has been working on his body in the gym a lot lately, which may be explained by his need to be fit for his screen time in the reboot of the franchise.

And even though Orlando Bloom now has great six-pack abs, does it mean he will overshadow his Pirates of the Caribbean co-star Johnny Depp, who has in his body of work the iconic Jack Sparrow character?

In any case, Pirates of the Caribbean 5, which is set to be released in May, 2017, is highly anticipated by both Orlando Bloom’s and Depp’s fans.

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