Blake Shelton Denies Secret Meeting With Paul Ryan, Defends Himself Against False Gossip In Twitter Rant

Blake Shelton will not stand for false gossip and is letting his 20 million Twitter followers know it. In the last hour, Blake penned three lengthy tweets detailing a news story he read about himself having a secret meeting with House Speaker Paul Ryan. According to Blake, it's all bogus.

The Voice coach began his rant by explaining he can never quite understand the false stories put out about him on social media. He explained he recently went out to dinner with his family, which included many children, and he was approached by a politician (Blake did not name him) he had never met. Blake took photos with Ryan, exchanged pleasantries, and was on his way.

Blake then went on to explain that he left the restaurant without eating because it was too cold for his family to sit outside where they initially made accommodations for dinner. Gwen Stefani's beau then admitted to reading stories on the internet about how he had a secret meeting with Paul. The country singer claimed this was absolutely not true and couldn't comprehend the ridiculousness of it all.

What seemed to irk Blake the most was that this false story was about politics, something the 41-year-old has never discussed or taken part in.

His last tweet of the rant explained, "I don't do politics no matter WHAT."

He went on to declare his story from the evening was the truth and hinted he was getting lots of hate from those believing the false gossip. Blake then told his followers, "if you can find it in your heart to hate me for that then so be it."

One commenter posted the photo of Blake with Paul, and both men were dressed in camouflage. Blake didn't seem to care for the comment, as he urged the commenter to investigate their meeting and their attire.

According to KOCO, Blake, Gwen, and Paul were all spotted at Blake's restaurant, Ole Red, in Oklahoma just before Thanksgiving. Smaller media outlets claimed the trio was hanging out together and ended up having a secret meeting. Twitter flooded with comments condemning Gwen and Blake for hanging out with the house speaker.

One user commented, "Hanging out with Paul Ryan not cool man, just lost all respect for you."

Blake added an additional tweet after taking a break from his rant, warning his followers there were many fake Blake Shelton accounts on Twitter. He then encouraged everyone to get off social media and "go live our lives!"