‘Bachelorette’ News: Robby Hayes Reveals He Is Upset JoJo Took Something Special From Him

Robby Hayes didn’t win the heart of JoJo Fletcher last night on The Bachelorette finale even though he did fall in love with her. Robby was shocked that she didn’t pick him in the end. He even shared last night that at one point he thought that JoJo might have already sent home Jordan, but of course, that wasn’t the case. Robby didn’t doubt for a second that he would be the one she picked. People shared that Robby is now speaking out and sharing that he is upset about one thing other than not winning JoJo’s heart. She took something away from him that he can never get back.

Robby admits that he was shocked when JoJo didn’t pick him. He said, “I was so caught off guard. I was so confident in our relationship and my feelings for her. I had already been dreaming about our future together.” This all went down 70 days ago, and Robby is moving on, but there is still this one thing he is upset about that he can’t get back. Robby Hayes shared the details.

“Everything I said was honest and from the heart. If I didn’t tell JoJo I loved her, I would have been lying. The only thing I’m upset about is what was taken from me. I come from a very traditional family where marriage is a one time thing. But it’s not just the marriage. It’s the picking of the ring, the asking the parents for permission, giving the speech before you get down on one knee. JoJo took that from me and I can’t ever get it back.”

Robby did pick out a ring for her, and he even talked to JoJo’s parents in person about wanting to marry her. Jordan Rodgers forgot to talk to her mom and dad, but he did call them later and get permission on the phone to propose.

Now, one thing that Robby Hayes isn’t doing is badmouthing Jordan Rodgers. He is glad that if JoJo didn’t find love with him that she is happy. Robby revealed that he thinks that Jordan is sincere, and Robby doesn’t have anything bad to say about him. JoJo will always hold a piece of Robby’s heart, according to him.

Us Magazine shared that regardless of getting his heart broken, Robby Hayes is doing really well since his split from JoJo Fletcher. A source close to him shared that Robby is moving on and doing fine. He has had the help of his family and friends during this hard time. The source went on to share, saying, “The entire experience was positive and Robby would do it again. Robby just wants JoJo to be happy and he knows she had to make the right decision for her.”

So far, ABC hasn’t announced who will be The Bachelor next season, but it doesn’t sound like it will be Robby Hayes. JoJo mentioned both Luke Pell and Chase McNary as good people for the job. When JoJo was second on The Bachelor in season 20, and they announced her as The Bachelorette, this came out on the After the Final Rose special. Only time will tell who ABC ends up picking to be the next guy who gets to hand out roses.

Are you shocked to hear that Robby Hayes is upset that he can’t share all of the things he shared with JoJo for the first time with his future wife? Do you think that Robby Hayes would be the right guy to be The Bachelor? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss Bachelor in Paradise when it starts airing tonight on ABC. Future episodes will be on Monday nights on ABC.

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