Former K-Pop Idol Sohyun Seen Selling Her 4Minute Props At Jang Wook Hyuk’s ‘Back To The Market’

It seems that 2016 will not let up on breaking the hearts of K-pop fans. This year has so far been horrendously loaded with members of K-pop groups leaving or K-pop groups disbanding. For the former, Jia left Miss A, Minzy left 2NE1, and Hyunseung left Beast. As for the latter, Kara, the DSP Media K-pop girl group whose last lineup consisted of Gyuri, Seungyeon, Hara, and Youngji, officially disbanded when three of the four members did not renew their contracts with the entertainment company.

4Minute -- Screen Capture Of 'Hate' From 'Act. 7'
4Minute was the veteran girl group under Cube Entertainment. They were forced to disband last year in 2016 after 'Act.7' flopped. [Image by Cube Entertainment]

However, out of all the K-pop idols leaving their respective groups or K-pop groups disbanding, the most heartbreaking was 4Minute. The premier girl group under Cube Entertainment officially disbanded after seven years. What is truly sad about the disbanding is if the words of an entertainment insider are true, 4Minute was forced to disband because the company that is the majority stockholder of Cube Entertainment, iHQ, did not see them as profitable.

Nevertheless, 4Minute, their devoted fan club 4nia, and the K-pop community have to move on. Hyuna, the only member of 4Minute to remain with Cube Entertainment, continues her solo career. Right now, she released her latest extended play (EP), her mini-album A’wesome. As for the other former members of 4Minute, they have been out of the limelight ever since leaving Cube Entertainment, but now Sohyun, the Maknae of 4Minute, was seen selling her 4Minute props at Jang Woo Hyuk’s “Back to the Market.”

The news of Sohyun selling her 4Minute props at Jang Woo Hyuk’s “Back to the Market” came to light after she posted pictures on her official Instagram. The first picture was the logo for “Back to the Market” and its location, date, and time. This was followed up with picture posts at “Back to the Market.” In one of them (attached below), we can see Sohyun setting up many of her 4Minute props and products ranging from shoes, shirts, and hats.


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At first glance, K-pop fans may think Sohyun may have fallen on hard times after leaving Cube Entertainment and that she was forced to sell her 4Minute props and products just to survive. The truth is, the “Back to the Market” sale is all for a good cause. According to AllKpop, Sohyun joins Jang Woo Hyuk — who is popular for being a member of the “first K-pop boy group” H.O.T. — and four other sellers in selling their goods all for a good cause.

Besides that, Sohyun was very happy to be visited by 4nia, fans of 4Minute during their seven-year career who are still loyal to them even after the K-pop group disbanded. Sohyun even made sure to show her thanks via caption in one of her Instagram posts (edited for easier reading).

“Thank you all for coming to ‘Back to the Market!’ It was good to see 4nia for the first time in a long time. Thank you! We’ll put the money to good use.”

Over the course of their seven-year career, 4Minute released two studio albums, one for South Korea and one for Japan; seven compilation album; and seven extended plays. Their last two extended plays, Crazy and Act. 7, were extremely popular, charting in the top 10 not just in South Korea but on the U.S. World Chart as well. “Hate,” the featured song on Act. 7, received more attention than usual simply because Skrillex helped produce it.

[Image via Screen Capture of 4Minute’s Music Video for “Hate”]