Former Drug Addict Sues Scientology-Based Clinic

Dana Point, CA – A former drug and alcohol addict jumped off a third-story balcony at a Scientology-based clinic and was severely injured. He is now suing the Pur Detox clinic, alleging the facility’s engaged in medical malpractice and negligent supervision. William Sweeney claims that after only a 20-minute interview Pur Detox, staffers tried to wean him off his anti-opiate and anti-psychotic prescriptions too quickly.

The residential rehabilitation center utilizes a purification rundown program which combines vitamins, sauna visits, and exercise to treat patients, according to the Daily Mail. Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard developed the detoxification program. Sweeney claims that in the week following his consultation with Dr. Allan Sosin, he was quickly weaned off his medicine and was left unsupervised during the process; he says saw the doctor only once, Courthouse News reports. Sweeney also maintains he was never asked if he was experiencing any symptoms of withdrawal.

The ex-drug addict says he was led to a balcony on the third floor and told to engage in visualization exercises. After the activity was completed, the patient was allegedly taken inside to a lower floor and left alone while a staffer who was supposed to monitor him took a nap on a different floor.

An excerpt from the lawsuit filing reads:

“At approximately 6 pm plaintiff returned to the unsecured third-floor, went out on to the unsecured balcony through an unlocked and unalarmed sliding door, and attempted suicide by jumping off the balcony.”

The Scientology-based clinic patient suffered multiple fractures in the fall and spent four weeks in the hospital. He is seeking punitive damages and medical and incident costs as well as lost and impaired future earnings. In August, a different rehabilitation center, which also reportedly uses the L. Ron Hubbard Scientology methods, was blamed for the death of three patients who reportedly spent five hours per day in a sauna.