‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Natalie’s Breasts Subject Of Crude Nickname, Paulie Seems Ready To Cut Closest Ally From Game [Spoilers]

The Big Brother 18 house is full of diverse individuals with different backgrounds and life experiences. Because houseguests must live in a confined space for an extended period of time, they must feel like rats in a cage competing for the same prize. This seems to have led to some conversations between cast members, caught on live feeds, that are at times uncomfortable, often unnecessary.

One current issue in the Big Brother 18 house is the treatment of Natalie Negrotti, which has social media abuzz, as some houseguests have given her a very crude nickname based on the assumption she may have breast implants.

It is unclear who came up with the cringeworthy nickname, “FT,” but it obviously stands for fake breasts in very crass terms.

According to Big Brother Network, the nickname has been in play for few days now, as on July 29, Paulie Calafiore was seen and heard on live feeds laughing as he explained to Michelle Meyer, Corey Brooks, and Nicole Franzel how he calls Natalie “FT” and what it means. Paulie added that if he could, he would nominate Natalie every week until she’s evicted from the game.

According to Big Brother Live Feed Updates, on Friday, Victor Arroyo relayed a story to other houseguests in the HOH room regarding a conversation with Natalie. Victor told them Natalie said her “friend” obtained breast implants at a discount, but Natalie would not admit to having them. As the houseguests inexplicably continued to discuss Natalie and her breasts, Zakiyah Everette said Natalie admitted to her that her breasts “were fake.”

The RHAPpy Hour Podcast discussed the matter on Monday night, with live feed correspondent Alex Kidwell noting that the chiding may have begun with the males in the house when Natalie refused to be a nomination pawn for Week 6 Head of Household (HOH), Paul Abrahamian.

RHAPpy Hour live feed correspondent Taran Armstrong said the other houseguests call Natalie “FT all the time, which is just like… really uncomfortable.” Taran added:

“…it’s uncomfortable to watch these people, because… I understand that Paulie’s maybe playing the best game, but when he’s using this term to… call Natalie… I don’t want to watch this right now…”

Alex chimed in, calling what was taking place, “junior high nonsense.” He went on to say that the “FT” comments are “inherently bad strategically” and “making enemies out of people.”

Taran added that he believes this is often what happens in the game, as houseguests begin to “demonize” and “dehumanize” one another because, later, they must eliminate each other and take away someone else’s dreams of winning the grand prize.

According to Taran:

“…we see the same thing with the girls bullying Bridgette, and this happens a lot… I really do think it’s largely game influenced. I don’t think it would be as severe without the game, without them being trapped in this house, without the cameras running 24/7… I do think there’s a level of benefit of the doubt that we have to give them, but it’s still… I think that the level they’re taking it to with FT, it’s too far.”

Social media has been vocal on the matter, with @Grimace306 tweeting, “Wow Paul and Paulie and their classy FT comments to Natalie herself,” @platoscaves writing, “I really hope Natalie doesn’t finds [sic] out what FT means. I want to punch them every time they say it,” @ifeedofffeeds noting, “Michelle telling Z/Nicole how mean it is for the guys to call Natalie FT behind her back and that having a boob job isn’t wrong,” and @FallsOfDarkness penning, “…you forgot natalie is FT to paulie now. She doesn’t get a name.”

Paulie was also involved in other Big Brother 18 house action Monday, as he discussed Zakiyah with Corey, according to Big Brother Feedster. In fact, Paulie seems to be alright with clipping her from the game, as he was heard saying, “Z [Zakiyah] and Michelle would be next in my eyes. Bridgette, she’s injured. What’s the point?”

Furthermore, Paulie told both Corey and Paul later in the day that Zakiyah throws her body around and thinks she possesses him “like a puppy dog,” according to Big Brother Feedster. These conversations apparently occurred just hours after Paulie and Zakiyah became very close while in a bumper car in the Have Not room early Monday morning.

Joker’s Updates reported that around 6:15 a.m. Big Brother 18 house time, as the couple cuddled under a blanket, “constant movement” was seen, Zakiyah was spotted “smiling from ear to ear,” and later she had to cover “her mouth” to muffle sounds, all of which was caught on live feeds.

It is unclear as to whether Paulie was simply telling his male alliance what they wanted to hear or if he truly is ready to evict his closest ally and showmance partner Zakiyah. As the game goes on, however, one of them will have to leave the house first, and Paulie is clearly not willing to let his feelings override his game play.

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