2016 Presidential Polls: Post-Convention, Hillary Clinton Leads Again – Gary Johnson And Jill Stein Support Growing Quickly

After the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention, the 2016 presidential polls have taken a bit of a turn. Hillary Clinton has now been able to retake the lead among likely voters and push Donald Trump into second place. It wasn’t a small margin either, but she does need to keep her eyes open in every direction as support is growing for third-party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.

Yes, the polls have done an about face after the ending of both conventions and swung back into the favor of who could be the first-ever female President of the United States.

According to CNN, after the convention in Philadelphia, Clinton’s new lead in the presidential polls has soared to a seven-point lead over Donald Trump. These are the numbers as of the afternoon of Monday, August 1, so they are the most recent.

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With the two-way head-to-head matchup, Clinton is leading Trump by a percentage of 52 to 42. Throwing in third-party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, the Democratic nominee still leads in the polls 45 to 37.

In those polls, Johnson has nine percent and Stein has five.

Overall, Clinton is leading the pack but can’t afford to take her eyes off of either of the “green” candidates as their support is indeed growing. The Hill is reporting that over the last six weeks, third-party candidates have seen their support grow in big ways, and it’s been a steady incline even with both conventions taking place.

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This year’s presidential race was already one that was going to be a bit of an unpredictable one, but the support for the Green Party is really throwing a wrench into things. Maybe the two main candidates don’t have the power to get up into the race in a big way, but they could certainly affect it between the GOP and the Democratic Party.

Stein or Johnson could take votes away from Trump or Clinton in major battleground states which could see the polls tip one way or the other without each candidate even trying. It doesn’t help matters that both of the major party candidates are not seen as very popular, and Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polls knows that.

“The fact that we have two major party candidates who are enormously disliked by the electorate, enormously and equally disliked, creates the opportunity for the minor party candidates to do better than they would in other presidential elections.”

People’s Pundit Daily has found out that supporters of Bernie Sanders actually prefer Dr. Jill Stein over anyone else currently in the race. After the DNC, many of those who had plans to vote for Sanders will not endorse Clinton, but have all intentions of voting for Stein.

Stein’s support is growing, but Gary Johnson isn’t totally out of the race and is actually closer than ever to being able to officially join it.

Currently, many of Hillary Clinton’s supporters say they will not flip-flop and have every intention of voting for her and not Donald Trump in November. A number of the Republican candidate’s supporters say it is possible that they could change their minds when it comes time to head to the polls.

While that could swing things one way or the other, the votes landing with one of the Green Party candidates could end up be the ultimate decision makers.

The 2016 presidential polls are good guides at this point, but they aren’t definite signs of what’s to come in the next few months. Hillary Clinton’s surge back out in front of Donald Trump is huge right now as it is right after the conventions, but she can’t just sit back and rest. Third-party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are getting more and more support with Bernie Sanders looking to go “green” with their votes.

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