Colbert And Stewart Have Fun With Romney Speech

The release of a tape showing Mitt Romney speaking at a $50,000 a plate fundraiser has proved to be nothing short of a gift to late night talk show personalities Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart.

According to NBC News, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart both had a field day with this video footage on their respective talk shows.

“Finally a candidate with the courage to say half of all Americans are freeloaders who believe they are entitled to food!” said Steven Colbert on The Colbert Report. “We job creators know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Lunch is $50,000 a plate,” which happened to be the cost of attending the fundraiser that Romney was speaking at.

Jon Stewart got his shots in on his show as well. Stewart showed the footage of Romney’s speech right before airing another clip that was taken years ago. The video clip that Stewart showed was of Romney’s mother talking about his dad’s rise to political prominence after once being on welfare relief as a boy.

“George Romney was on welfare,” Stewart noted. “So according to Mitt Romney’s own logic, Mitt Romney could not win the vote of his dad.”

On the tape, Romney also mentioned that he would have a better chance of winning the election if he were Latino and warned that, “if the Hispanic voting block becomes as committed to the Democrats as the African American vote has in the past we’re in trouble as a party and I think as a nation.”

Romney, in one speech, managed to belittle not only 47 percent of the US population but also managed to get a shot in on the Latino community as well. This made Stewart question something:

“This is a guy whose religion forbids him from drinking alcohol. Can you imagine what he would say if he were [drunk?]”

The video footage of Romney speaking at the fundraiser came to surface right after the candidate took a well-publicized reboot to repair his image after some missteps. These missteps include controversial comments that Romney made after the recent violence in Libya. Stewart could not resist adding his own little jab at this ironic situation.

“You always reintroduce a candidate three weeks after the convention,” Stewart said. “It’s like telling a girl, ‘please go on a seventh date with me. I’ll grow on you.’ “

Here is the clip of Stewart using Romney’s speech for comedic gold. Enjoy!