Beyonce, Jay Z ‘Lemonade’ Divorce Rumors: Staging Happy Family Vacation Amid Formation World Tour?

Is Beyonce putting on an act with all the vacation photos that have surfaced of her and husband, Jay Z, enjoying each other’s company in recent weeks?

The 34-year-old’s latest studio album, Lemonade, opened the doors for media outlets to speculate whether Beyonce and Jay Z’s recent vacation pics is all an act to shy away from the supposed fact that the couple could still be heading for a divorce.

The record, which Beyonce released late April, heavily focuses on a married couple who’ve gone through endless ups and downs — ones that were mainly caused by the actions of a particular person’s husband. While she never addresses herself on the album, many people seem to think that the songs were inspired with Jay Z in mind; particularly after his supposed affair with fashion designer, Rachel Roy.

With that in mind, the divorce rumors that erupted in 2014 did not come as a surprise to Beyonce’s devoted fans, for they eventually learned that the elevator incident between Jay Z and Solange was, in fact, down to the music mogul’s alleged flirty behavior towards Roy.

Celeb Dirty Laundry alleges that Beyonce and her husband are going to great lengths in making sure that their relationship is portrayed in the best light possible — presumably to silence rumors claiming otherwise.

“Beyonce, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy have been spending time as a family together during their vacation to the South of France this week. And according to paparazzi photos of the couple, it seems like they are doing everything possible to show the world how happy, content and comfortable they are with each other, despite rumors that say their marriage is at risk.”

Last month, it was claimed that Beyonce and her aging rapper of a husband had been arguing over their living arrangements prior to the singer heading out on her Formation world tour. Sources for Radar Online, at the time, revealed that Bey hated living out in California and, to make things worse, she didn’t agree with the amount of money the duo were paying for their rented Bel-Air mansion.

Beyonce and Jay Z were looking at numbers way above six figures a month for their lavish home, which the former Destiny’s Child star argued was too pricey — particularly since she would be heading out on tour for eight months.

Living in California is said to have worsened the couple’s relationship, as previously reported. The move was initially made so that Beyonce could find herself a decent amount of film roles in the hopes of jumpstarting her acting career again, but with the untimely decision to put out an album about cheating, divorce, and mistresses, it seems as if Queen B has halted those plans for now.

Though Beyonce is known to be very private about her life, fans have wondered how photographers found the couple in the middle of the ocean out in France without the couple calling for the paps to snap photos of them.

The reason why some would believe this theory to be true is simply down to all the divorce rumors that have surfaced in recent months. Some seem to think that this would be Beyonce and Jay Z’s way of squashing the rumors while the duo continues to work on their marital problems.

Are you convinced that Beyonce and her husband are still going through it in their marriage?

[Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images]