‘Deadliest Catch’s’ Captain Sig Hansen Dishes Inner Thoughts On Eve Of Season 12 Finale

Deadliest Catch’s Capt. Sig Hansen is dishing on his innermost thoughts on the eve of Season 12’s finale. The 50-year-old has been through a lot the last several episodes of the show. With the plights of his boat, a stressful crabbing season, and his sudden heart attack, the reality TV star is opening up about the experiences this season presented to him on the show.

Hansen tells TV Line that at the “end of the day,” he thought he “did fine” in getting through the season. A lot of people would argue that’s a stretch due to what they witnessed on their television screens, but Sig reminds viewers that they “only see some of the things that happened during those four months on TV.”

He has a point considering how much time is spent out at sea compared to 20 hours or so of footage being taken from filming. It’s no secret that only the absolutely most dramatic and harrowing moments are used for TV.

In spite of that, there’s no denying there was quite a range of intense moments facing all of the captains during those four months!

Sig goes on to say that yes, the crab were hard to find on this season of Deadliest Catch, but eventually they were located, and it all worked out in the end.

“… Even though the crab were very, very hard to find, we did find them, ultimately, so I’m proud of that,” Sig said of calling Season 12 decent at its conclusion. “I just feel like I did well because I found them.”

Sig Hansen’s daughter, Mandy, was on board The Northwestern when the boat caught fire and when he experienced heart pain. He rated her performance in assisting on the vessel.

“She was fine. For her, it’s a different learning experience,” Sig says. “I can’t speak for her, but I wanted her to experience the wheelhouse and a different side of [the business]. I’m trying to fast-track her. It’s probably not fair, but at the same time, she’s smart enough to get it.”

When asked why he’s more lenient with his daughter than his brother, Edgar, Sig reasons that Mandy is “taking care” of the boat while Edgar was actually “running” it.

Sig was a guiding force behind two captains in Deadliest Catch Season 12. Capt. Sean Dwyer is the newest and youngest cast member of the show. Sig raves about Sean’s performance as a captain on the show and all that he achieved his first time on the show.

“He showed a lot of maturity. That guy did really, really well. He had a lot to prove, and he did. So I was very proud of him,” Hansen says.

Sig and Jake Anderson have a history of working closely together. In fact, Sig said in a Facebook Q&A session a few months ago that he thought Jake was one of the best greenhorns he’s ever had. This season, Jake took over the Saga, which Capt. Elliott Neese operated during his time on the show.

Jake had some challenging moments that played out on the show. His temper flared on more than one occasion when things with his crew didn’t go as planned. Early in the season, Jake had a run-in with his mentor when he boxed in Sig’s crab pots. The two were on a bit of collision course ever since then.

Sig laughs when he’s asked about Jake.

“Jake… I mean… He’s done well,” Sig explains. “He’s just a little more… What’s the word I want for him? Passionate. He’s so passionate. Which I like. That’s why he’s going to succeed. But at the same time, it means he can never just take a step back and look at the overall picture.”

Watch what happens next for Capt. Sig Hansen and the rest of the cast when the two-hour finale of Deadliest Catch: Widowmaker Part 2 airs Tuesday, August 2 at 9 p.m., ET/6 p.m., PT on Discovery.

[Image via Discovery]